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they think it is morally important for america for obama to be re-elected. and if they think they have to suppress information to do tthey doll it. >> sean: go to for the movie. that's our time. thank you for being with us. and i hope have you >> good morning, everyone. it's saturday, september 8th. i'm at&t alisyn am rot attachment we start with a fox news alert. an arrest has been made in the fast and furious gun scandal. one of the suspects murder brian terry in custody this morning. more on how it went down in just minutes. >> the democrats' week long economy comes to a close with the jobs report. mitt romney says the party is over. >> i know the white house keeps saying you can't look at monthly numbers.
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if you look over the last several quarters and several years you see the continued pattern which is we are not creating the jobs. >> just how bad is our economic hangover as romney called it? we report. you decide. >> i'm glad you cleared the hangover part. >> we telling you about a georgia school district banning prayers before football game. some refuse to be silenced. "fox & friends" begins right now. >> good morning, guys. >> good morning, everybody. how is the smell of fresh coffee at 6:01, my friend. >> pull up a chair, grab your coffee it, smells delicious. >> is there anything better than coffee at this time of the morning. >> breakfast. >> or sleep. >> if you can't get your kids to sleep, stick around have an important medical debate whether using mel tone anyone
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is a good idea or dangerous. >> you have been doing this for years. >> i have going to stop doing this now. >> i haven't heard the debate yet. >> i have been caffeinated mine for years. start this morning with the recovery or is it one? the jobs numbers come out on friday morning and they were not good. they were certainly not what the obama administration wanted to see or what this country needed to see. >> let's dive into the numbers now once you have a day to digest where this has been hurting the most, these are grim statistics. 96,000 jobs added. unemployment still 8.1%. here is the real number, right? it's 368,000 people that stopped looking for work all together. >> yeah. and in almost every sector was hard hit. manufacturing, which people had hoped was having a come back, they lost jobs. construction? a slump. state and local governments still shed some jobs. i think it was only the health industry that may have added.
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>> and banks. >> financial services and health industry. you glossed over that 8.1% unemployment number. i think that's important to go back. >> because it's meaningless is probably why. >> that's right. because now in the light of day, we know that it's meaningless. however, at first blush, people said that's great, the number went down from 8.3. only because 368,000 left the job force. >> right. so you have a 4 to 1 ratio in terms of jobs being created to people leaving the workforce. and manufacturing number is also a big one as you said. the president had just talked about creating a million manufacturing jobs over the next four years and then we see the number go down for the first time in a year. >> we looked at housing and construction. manufacturing numbers. so cutting 15,000, that's the first time that we have seen cutting of 15,000 jobs. mitt romney out on the campaign trail said if you look at this in any direction. any way you slice it the country is headed in the wrong
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direction he says. >> for every net new job created, about four people dropped out of workforce. so we're going in the wrong direction. this is a very difficult time for the american people. and by the way wages are also not rising. no increase in wages. declining wages, actually. declining number of people being able to find work, people dropping out of the workforce, it's another continuation of a very bleak news on the employment front. >> that was, of course, part of an exclusive sit down with bret baier for "special report." the hangover comment we referred to earlier is something he did say in fact on the campaign trail. he said the party is over. now those jobs numbers are the hangover. >> the obama administration had a different interpretation of the numbers of the chairman on the council of economic numbers alan krueger came out and gay interviews yesterday morning later roundly tone deaf. here is his response.
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>> it's not just one because now it's 43 condition seq.ive months of unemployment numbers above 8%. not just one report. and if you will, these jobs numbers, about 96,000 jobs being added, that seems like such a paltry number. even president obama then back in 2004, a senator from illinois, criticizing president bush for these sort of stagnant numbers and see if the numbers conflate. listen. >> >> past few weeks president bush and members of his administration have traveled the nation to celebrate recent improved economic sta tis it particulars, well, i have been traveling too. all over this large and diverse state in cities and suburbs, downstate and upstate i have heard from people who say it's way too early to declare victory economy. after three dismal years of
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job loss we all welcome encouraging statistics. by most americans wealth is measured in a different way. if i lose my job, where will i find a that one that plays as well and offers real benefits. >> 3,300,000 he was criticizing. >> you need about 150 jus stay above water. >> we would take 300,000 any week. >> how much more on this because the fed is a big move that could come in week from the fed. we will dive into that later in the show which could plan to hold and actually buy back and try continue to fuse the housing market this week. and that would be. >> stocks went up. that tells you they think there is fed action on the way. >> they think they need to otherwise we could slip into a recession by december if they do not take action. december, holiday time and a recession again? that's something we don't want to hear about. >> that is scary stuff.
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>> yeah. meanwhile a fox news alert. an arrest has been made in the killing of u.s. border patrol agent brian terry in the botched fast and furious gun running operation. >> peter doocy is live in washington with more details. what do we know, peter? >> alli, we know that authorities in mexico say they have jesus san us is in custody he was arrested in senor are a state down in mexico. one of the five men charged with the murder of border patrol agent brian terry in arizona back in december 2010 he is one of five suspects. three of the five men all from mexico are still on the loose. they have been for months. this all goes back to the gun fight between these men and border patrol agents nearly two full years ago in arizona near our southern border with mexico. the five men plus one crossed
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the border into arizona to rob marijuana smugglers. their plan was foiled by border patrol agents that engaged them and the shootout that followed. brian terry was killed and two of the guns left hipsd by his killers were traced back to smuggling ring at the center of the u.s. department sting called fast and furious. buy guns in the united states and let them walk across the southern border but authorities in the u.s. quickly lost track of many of the guns and at least two of them turned up at the scene of agent terry's heard. there are still hearings on capitol hill about this schedule as congressional investigators try to figure out who is to blame here on our end for the failure of operation fast and furious. as for the man who was arrested yesterday, we don't know if he is the man that authorities actually think shot agent terry because authorities so far have been
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tight-lipped with specifics. back to you in new york. >> alisyn: all right, peter. thanks so much for the update there let's get to the rest of your headlines right now. another fox news alert for you. deadly attack in afghanistan. six people killed and five others injured after bomb detonates near nato headquarters. the alleged target u.s. intelligence facility. the taliban is claiming responsibility for this attack. no word on the nationalities of the victims yet. more tax breaks could be in the works for so len draft the bankrupt solar panel maker could be getting $23 million in additional tax breaks. this after a judge ruled the creditors can vote on the bankruptcy plan that includes the tax breaks. a final decision is expected in october. just weeks before the election. the irs has already said it plans to fight this plan. you may remember the white house granted solyndra a half a billion dollars taxpayer funded green energy loan despite warnings about solyndra's finances. a san francisco man leads police on boat chase along the california coast after
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allegedly abducting his two children. christopher mcveigh took his son and daughter from mother's home while she was out filing a restraining order against him. he then stole a sailboat and jetted off with the kids. police tracked down the boat and followed it until he surrendered. the family we leave to hear the kids were not harmed. >> when i get my two grandchildren i'm going to hug them and never let them go. >> the kids were checked out by medical crews back on shore and reunited with their mom. very adorable kids. thankfully this ended well. >> georgia community taking a stand against a new school district ban on praying before football games. >> i ask your blessings on everyone here tonight. [lord's prayer] >> wore protests in harrelson school. high school's first home game last night. the school district outlawed prayer before games after
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atheist group threatened to sue. they continue to pray at future games even if the school does not allow it those are your headlines. >> thanks so much, alisyn. i want to say officially now to me it's fall, rick reichmuth. the pumpkin spice latte. >> wow. >> it's back, baby. >> so many people say that. >> sign of nature is at starbucks. >> pumpkin spice latte is back. >> it's when you go from iced coffee to hot coffee. >> rich is always a hot coffee guy. >> which by the way will happen today for some people and tomorrow for people across the east. >> there you go. >> that colder air is across the northern plains right now waking up in the northern plains, there is a cold front that's diving through here bringing a lot of severe weather with it in fact we had four fatalities last night as these storms went through oklahoma. this is the line of storms. can you see it stretching here. behind it feels like fall. ahead of it it feels very tropical and mug i can't understand summer-like.
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along with that we are going to be seeing severe weather today. out across the west it looks good except for the heavy rain we saw in arizona. flooding across eastern areas of the phoenix area. we will see a little bit more rain across parts of the southwest. seattle continuing to remain dry. we're at 47 days in a row now without any measurable rain there. here is where we have a threat for severe weather today. red moderate risk by the storm prediction center. elevated chance for severe weather. we are going to be seeing some very strong winds that will cause a lot of power outages and the possibility of a few tornadoes today and that includes places like baltimore, philadelphia, new york city, hartford, connecticut. up towards albany. a big chunk of area where a lot of people live in the northeast under the gun for severe weather later on this afternoon. we'll continue to watch that guys? >> it should be fun for us. thank you, rick. coming up new documents show one college did not want the accused movie massacre shooter admitted under any circumstances. so, will these records help or hurt his case? our legal panel weighs in
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next. >> and a man forced to climb up of roof of his car after getting trapped flooded street. we have a closer look at this daring rescue ahead.
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christian -- admission records. one staff with the university of alabama saying holmes would be a, quote, leader in the future. this email from the neuroscience program director at the university of iowa. look at this. james holmes do not offer admission under any circumstances. how important are these documents and will they help or hurt the case against holmes nice to see both of you this morning. >> good to see you. two documents seems like conflicting reports. can fast particular grade point average. >> he graduated high honors. got an a in ethics and human life. come on. a pluses in everything else. and he was applying for a neuroscience degree. a ph.d. degree in which he was then rejected from the university of alabama. >> these documents admitted into evidence. any suggestion they will be used and can they actually hurt him?
3:17 am
some of these documents say do not admit him under any circumstances and he was difficult to engage with. >> his defense attorneys are fighting hard to keep these out. i think they are going to lose and i do think these documents will hurt him. his psychiatric may not but these will. he is so smart. we don't normally associate really smart people with not knowing the difference between right and wrong. >> that's the legal it test. >> if he knew the difference between right and wrong his legal insanity defense is done. >> how do you play that in court? >> as a prosecution i bring that in. i love these documents. yes, maybe he had some trouble in the past and yes he was denied admission for a neuroscience ph.d. program. the guy graduated with high honors. he got straight a's. the legal test is do you know the difference between right and wrong. defense is going to say he was deranged, out of his mind. class a student going for a ph.d. couldn't be so far out of his mind. >> yeah, the defense here, say something like this that says
3:18 am
this guy was difficult to engage with. how much of an interaction do you have with an admissions person. you are in there maybe 20 minutes having a conversation in that amount of time they find you difficult to engage with? that's got to be troubling. >> he has a history of quote extreme mental illness. god only knows how he presented in front of these admission personell. he was on the downward spiral by the time he did this terrible thing did he not note difference between right and wrong. >> the facts beyond these records belie that. when he was arrested he said to law enforcement do not go into my apartment. why not go into my apartment? because they booby trapped the apartment. he knew if people went into that apartment they would be blown to smithereens. >> doesn't it show that he is conflicted? on the one hand he wanted to hurt people so he is setting up booby traps. >> that's not the legal test. >> then tell police not to go in there. >> not the legal test.
3:19 am
this is a what if. if he walked into that movie theater and he thought he was shooting up some sort of weird enemy, to him that would have not been wrong and that could get him under the legal. >> that kind of defense. so he went through, you know, undergraduate degree with high honors shooting people up all the time or in that deranged status? i don't thinki don't think so. somewhere the professor would have seen this guy is not all right in the head. >> what's next for the legal teams on all sides here. >> they will be discovering on the discovery documents coming. in he will be analyzed and you have got to believe they are going to find a psychiatrist. >> he had to. >> he didn't know right from wrong at the time because that is all they h we know he did it there is no question about that. it's about his mental status at that time. >> we're still waiting to see if the infamous notebook is going to come in. >> interesting. we have you back to discuss this. that is fascinating. good to see both of you. thank you so much. coming up on the show, the
3:20 am
president trying to tout the august jobs report as a success. there is one number that shows there is not that much to celebrate. morici explains that coming up. this time michael bloomberg wants to tell your kids what to wear. i can't wait to hear fashion advice. i'm excited for that abigail higgins had... ...a tree that bore the most rare and magical fruit. which provided for their every financial need. and then, in one blinding blink of an eye, their tree had given its last. but with their raymond james financial advisor, they had prepared for even the unthinkable. and they danced. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you.
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so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage thaall other networks combined.
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>> the obama administration tried to tout the august jobs report as a success. >> today we learned that after losing around 800,000 jobs a month when i took office. business once again added jobs
3:24 am
for the 30th month in a row. a total of more than 4.6 million jobs. >> even though the unemployment rate did drop to 8.1% next month, our next guest says it's because hundreds of thousands of people stopped looking for work and they're no longer counted in that tally. >> economist and professor of international business at the university of maryland, peter morici joins us this morning. good to see you, sir. >> good morning. >> we have got 368,000 people leaving the workforce, that's about a four to one ratio to the jobs created. now, there are an enormous amount of baby boomers entering or nearing the retirement age. is that why we are seeing so many leave the workforce? is there something more to it? >> absolutely not. in fact, based unemployment data on folks between the ages of 16 and 65 folks reaching retirement age have no bearing on these numbers. what you have got is people very discouraged in late 50s and people young in life who basically, you know, borrow money and go to graduate
3:25 am
school and get a degree in social work or something while they wait for the job market to get better. >> peter, you are an economist. let's be problem-solvers this morning so that people can cling to some sort of optimism. you say you have an idea get it down to 5% unemployment. the first thing you say is produce more domestic oil. >> absolutely. we could cut our oil imports in half from 8 million barrels a day to four. that would create 2.5 million jobs. just by drilling where we know there is oil. on the gulf, off the two coasts and north slope of alaska. mr. obama essentially shut down. also, finally doing something about the huge trade deficit with china and it's chiseling on trade, currency, subsidies, tariffs and all the rest that would be good for another two and a half million jobs. just cutting those two in half would give you 5 million jobs. >> two counters to that one, the obama administration would push back and say oil imports
3:26 am
are down very far from recent years. also in regards to punishing china, some fear that the harder you push back on china. maybe they stop buying our debt. we all know that would be a disaster. >> two big questions with regard to oil, he has essentially allowed on shore drilling. we could easily increase production from about 6 million barrels a day to 10 million barrels a day by producing off our coast. by the way. importing oil doesn't lower the oceans. we still burn the same amount of gasoline. we just send the money to unfriendly people that don't like us. with regard to china, so they don't buy our debt. essentially, when the chinese get these trade surpluses they get dollars. and they trade those dollars in for bonds. if they didn't trade those dollars in for bonds they go into circulation and sent in the vault of their central bank. they could -- which central bank business the bonds. it's a wash.
3:27 am
the chinese don't have any leverage on us. except the leverage in mr. obama's mind. he promised to do something about this when he was running for president but his foreign policy so far has consisted of quite correctly apologies around the world except china where it's a kneeling pad. >> you think we should relax burdensome business regulations such as? >> dodd frank, for example, it's forcing a lot of small banks out of business. they are selling out to the big wall street banks which frankly are not much interested in lending money on main street because they don't understand it. lending money to small businesses still comes down to knowing the borrower, knowing whether they will will be inclined to pay. that small bank in toledo is much better qualified. with the obama dodd frank those banks simply find the burden of regulation more than they can handle. the volume of loans don't cover the overhead. >> and also you say healthcare mandates and costs clearly that is the goal of the romney
3:28 am
camp if they are elected to get -- thanks for being here. we appreciate it. >> take care. coming up adults take it to help them fall asleep but now more and more parents are giving melatonin to their kids. is this a good idea? we have made call debate coming up. >> one couple apologizing in advance, to passengers on board their flight just in case these two cuties decided to cry. we'll tell you about their proactive sweet approach. >> look at the little guy on the right. is he happy. we have big dreams.
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take a look at this extreme weather across the countries, missouri one person hurt after strong storms tore down trees and power lines. three people killed after mobile home was destroyed by strong winds and torrential downpours. also in arizona pounding rain causing serious flooding. >> that flooding leading to a daring rescue are a a man gets trapped on the roof of his work truck. here you see him caught in the rising waters. fire crews worked for two hours to reach him. they first tried with a ladder. that fell short. the man was finally pulled to safety as you can see after crews rescued him in their life boat. >> let's get to rick reichmuth. looking at weather maps online to see what you were talking about earlier west coast could get hard. >> east coast same line of storms that hit oklahoma causing actually four fatalities, four adults and infant. that line of storms continues to pull off to the east. this morning nothing severe. that's because it's morning. as the day heats up ahead of
3:33 am
this front moving through this afternoon, we will will see those storms fire again. they will become severe, in fact, there is a moderate risk for severe weather. that's an elevated risk by the storm prediction center across areas of the northeast. this is where it is right now. nothing this morning that's of concern. that will dhangeght out across the west, arizona those images there in mesa, that's just a subpush suburb of phoenix. that's a monsoonal activity. that's what can happen when you get rains quickly. 2 to 3 inches in spots and that caused that flooding yesterday. here is where the threat of weather is yesterday. big bulls eye and a lot of population. we could potentially see a very significant wind event with these storms that move through this afternoon and this evening. we can't rule out a tornado or two across the area. storms will extend across the carolinas. college football today. nascar race as well in richmond and a lot of outdoor activities today. there is one other story that we have been talking about.
3:34 am
let me show you temperatures quickly. so much heat down across areas of the south and this front that is moving through is cooling things down a the lo. temperatures are going to be muchable across the south. we have been talking this week about hurricane leslie now a tropical storm leslie. and it is going to continue to push a lot of big as well as. so if you are heading out across the beaches, across the east coast be careful. the storm moving away from shore. we thought it might have bigger impacts in toward bermuda. it's not. that's all the way from florida all the way up in towards maine. guys? >> didn't i predict that leslie, no one is fierce with a name like leslie. >> you didn't fearlessly. >> that's how they do it in the mealing meteorology business, too. >> throw away your weather computers and just call me. >> will do. >> get to your headlines. obama administration officially declaring the
3:35 am
haqqani network the terrorist group. responsible for several violent attacks against the u.s. and nato troops in afghanistan. this new designation means americans are banned from doing business with the haqqani organization. a robbery leads to a terrifying six hour hostage standoff in denver. two suspects tried to rob a radio shack yesterday morning. when police arrived the suspects fired at police and barricaded themselves inside the store with a hostage. during a standoff police say one of the suspects 19-year-old williams was posting pictures on facebook. telling friends he was going going to die. friends came to the scene pleading with the men to give up. >> come out because they're shooting at me and just tell my baby i love her and i love everybody. you didn't kill anybody. >> after the long ordeal suspects were taken into police custody and hostage was rescued. thankfully no one was injured. paying money to run into a burning building?
3:36 am
it sounds craze. one fire department hopes the danger will help them battle fires. the joint fire commissioner had suggested using firefighters from departments across the country troy compensate from layoffs. the tourist firemen would have to pay for a fee for the day to get their share of action with the detroit fire department. the detroit fighters say the commissioners should focus on bringing back laid off firefighters. michael bloomberg wants kids to wear a uniform. he wants all public schools in the city to make their students wear uniforms. bloomberg initially proposed this back in 2001 but abandoned the idea a year later. those are your headlines. i like when kids wear uniforms. >> do you? >> it cuts out any of the problem in the morning what to wear. i like it. >> no more fights with my daughter. >> there you go. >> another way to parent. we have got an interesting story from california, folks. if you fear flying with your
3:37 am
kids like camerota. an interesting approach by a couple with some 14 month old really cute kids. they figure apologize in advance to you will at customers, even handout goody bags in case your kids erupt mid flight. >> it's great. they were flying from san francisco -- they were flying from d.c. to san francisco the parents put together gift bags with candy and ear plugs inside of it has a message from the parents that says we're twin baby boys on first flight and only 14 weeks old. we will try to be on our best behavior but we would like to apologize in advance our mom and dad have ear plugs available if you need them. brilliant! >> they called mom and dad portable milk machine and diaper changer. that note was from the 14 month old. >> that's adorable. if they had bought everybody on the flight a drink. >> you don't think candy. >> i like the gift bag. i think he they could have gone further with the booze. but here is the final happy
3:38 am
note, the kids were on their best behavior. they didn't make a peep on the whole flight. >> that's best part. our son miles is a good traveler. you had a kid on the flight? i didn't even though. >> you saw the parents earlier. christina diaz. from california they were flying cross-country here to the east coast. i have heard of apologizing during the outburst i think that's a great idea. apologize in advance first time flying with these kids we hope they are good. >> flip it on its side. if you get that gift bag you think oh i'm in for a long flight, right? >> you are in fear. >> yes, you are but they behaved well. >> point to the exit door, right? we want to know what you guys think about that. have you ever apologized in advance or give a bad story that happened mid flighted. >> worst story that's more interesting to me. friends at find us on twitter ff weekend. what's your kids' worst traveling story?
3:39 am
>> coming up on the show, democrats took god and israel out of parties' platform. and here is what happened when they tried to put them back in. >> all those delegates in favor say aye. >> aye. >> all those delegates opposed say no. >> no. >> in the opinion of the chair, two thirds have voted in the affirmative, the motion is adopted and the platform has been amended as shown on the screen. [crowd boos] >> sounds like a lot more nos. is this proof of anti-israel sentiment in the democratic party platform. we will debate that next. >> adults take that to help them fall asleep. now, more and more parents are giving melatonin to their kids. is it safe? is it bad parenting? we have the medical debate just ahead. ♪
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>> still dealing with fallout from the platform debacle over the words god and jerusalem being removed at the party's national convention. if you missed it, here is what happened. >> all those delegates in favor say aye. >> aye. >> all those opposed say no. >> no.
3:43 am
>> in the opinion of the -- let me do that again. all of those delegates in favor say aye. >> aye. >> all those delegates opposed say no. >> no. >> i guess. >> you have got to rule and let them do what they're gonna do. >> i will do that one more time. all those delegates in favor say aye. >> aye. >> all those delegates opposed say no. >> no. >> in the opinion of the chair two thirds have voted in the affirmative, the motion is adopted and the platform has been amended as shown on the screen. [boos and cheers] >> that was over the word god
3:44 am
and jerusalem being removed not just strictly one. is this proof of anti-israeli sentiment within the democratic party? fox news strategic analyst ralph peters joins us this morning. good to see you, sir. >> great to see you. >> is there some anti-israeli sentiment in the obama party let alone in -- democratic party let alone the obama administration? >> not -- you heard the voice of obama's base. it's a base that regards religion as an embarrassment and israel as a nuisance. and that really, for belief at least, sums up the obama administration. i don't think president obama is a secret muslim. i think he believes in barack obama. he is part of a secular-minded set that just believes that people believe in god are kind of dumb. and, you know, guns and hate
3:45 am
kind of thing. and then when it comes to israel, it's very very deeply, deeply troubling. because there is now such a furious anti-israeli core in the democratic base, the extreme base of the democratic party that israel should be very very worried. and right now, israel -- prime minister netanyahu of israel just got in a huge fight with the american hack ambassador dan shapiro because the israelis are facing existential threat. they are afriday they will be wiped off the map if iran gets nuclear weapons. for the obama administration they this is a problem they wish would go away. >> obama administration has given away millions of darr's to the iron dome defense system to help protect jewelers. he has described his support for israel as, quote, not negotiable. concrete things that the obama administration has done. what have they done that you
3:46 am
say conflicts with that not negotiable support of israel. what have they done? >> former intel officer. you really listen to what's unsaid. look at what's not done he we get a lot of benefits working cooperatively with the israelis on antimissile systems, et cetera. that's cheap relatively speaking. what's expensive, what's risky, what's politically tough is the kind of support israel needs to survive. and what the israelis need is for the u.s. to finally establish red lines. for president obama to man up for just once and say if iran crosses this thrern hold we -- threshold we would act with israel or independently to stop nuclear program including using military force. again, for washington, for this administration, israel is a bother. he they just wish it would go
3:47 am
away. they don't want israelis to go away. stop annoying them so they can get on with peace and love, middle east hamas is wonderful agenda. whereas for the israelis again, this is about survival. and if president obama is reelected, he will turn his back on israel 100%, israel will be on its own. if he is rereelected, you will see the obama shaped by anti-zionist, anti-jewish, out of chicago, the reverend wright's church. article of faith for the last two generations among the american left and the world left that israel is evil. israel is bad. it relates right to their view of united states. why do they hate israel? israel is successful. they hate businessmen here who are successful. if you are successful, as an individual or a country, the democrats think you stole it all, you cheated. you are bad. >> i should point out the latest gallup polls conflict
3:48 am
that they have the jewish community here in the united states supporting obama 68% to just 25% for mid romney. ralph peters thanks for being with us this morning. parents giving their children melatonin to help them get to sleep. is it safe? we debate that first -- journey, run for congress, what an example of perseverance he is ♪ ♪ ♪
3:49 am
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3:52 am
this refrigerator size piece of metal fell from a plane over washington neighborhood. the chunk of metal crash landed just missing a parked car. luckily no one was hurt. the texas -- texas putting the pedal to the metal. approving 85 mile-per-hour speed limit on 41-mile stretch of highway between austin and san antonio. highest speed limit in the country. transportation officials hope the change will help ease some congestion manically? >> all right, clayton it is a new trend as more adults are turning to the all natural supplement. melatonin. they are turning to it to help them fall asleep. they are also turning to it to help their kids get to sleep. is it safe or bad parenting? >> joining us from fox's own medical a team. pediatrician allen green. welcome, doctors thank you alisyn. >> dr. ablow, let me start
3:53 am
with you. you called this lazy parenting. what are parents supposed to do if their kids can't sleep? >> how about comforting your kids? how about teaching them to deal with the fact that it's sometimes takes self-soothing to get to sleep this is convenience parenting. putting your kids to sleep with drugs, with a hormone the body produces. sometimes on a nightly basis. isn't it convenient alisyn? doesn't it fit in it with our increasingly technical convenience oriented society that you turn your kids on with ritalin and turn them off with melatonin. not in my house. >> dr. green, you are a pediatrician, i assume you hear parents say they feel comfortable with melatonin because the sense is it is all natural. >> do i hear that powerful hormone. and i'm a fan of using melatonin to help fans fall asleep. the melatonin kids make themselves not the melatonin as a supplement. >> produce more of it.
3:54 am
>> melatonin is produced when it gets really really dark. because we have lights on and electronics on and the hours before dead, they don't make the melatonin they should be to help fall asleep naturally. i agree you don't want to medicate them to get them to fall asleep. instead turn down the lights or put on blue blocker. mel tone anyone pluments as soon as blue light is in their life. >> some adults have sleeping problems. does this mean something biological is going wrong with kids and adults or is there something psychological? >> adults who have sleep problems, i think dr. green, pediatrician has his finger on the pulse of this problem. you know, we stimulate ourselves. we overstimulate ourselves. we remove ourselves from these natural rhythms. listen, if you have your cell phone next to your bed. if you are using your bed to look at ipad every night. your bed is no longer a place refuge and relaxation.
3:55 am
of course people have sleep problems. in this culture we have created. depression is skyrocketing. depression, one of the cardinal stomtion is -- symptoms is insome i can't. what other diagnoses might need to be identified in order to bring insomnia under control. using melatonin for your kids not a good idea. >> dr. green, it is so stressful to parents when their kids won't sleep. i remember not in the distant past when i had new babies and they wouldn't sleep and then you as a parent, you are up all night and you are getting more and more crazy and you are getting more and more depressed as your kids won't sleep. is it okay to ever use melatonin to get over the hump. >> well, for normal parenting i really do recommend teaching good sleep habits. that's an important thing to do. there are some kids in some situations where some kind of supplement or extra help can be useful. especially kids who can't make enough melatonin like some kids with autism.
3:56 am
>> in other words, a child would have to be diagnosed in a doctor's office and then -- >> -- that's exactly, yes, i would work with a sleep specialist before giving melatonin because there is often simple things can you do to make a big difference in sleep. >> got it it last word, dr. ablow, you think that occasionally it can be used or just to avoid it? >> listen, i guess you could use benadryl occasionally if you had to, but didn't we criticize casey anthony for this idea we said oh, she is drugging her kid to put the kid to sleep this must mean that she is a dangerous mom. it's not a good idea. melatonin can interfehr with growth. cause lower seizure threshold. precipitating seizures. don't mess with it. >> thanks so much for the informative segment. i'm sure that helped patience, thank you. >> thanks, alisyn. >> still to come, a student opens fire inside a crowded classroom how one teacher's actions saved others from getting hurt. we have that story for you at the touch of the hour.
3:57 am
3rd grader banned from wearing peyton manning jersey to school because it could be construed as a gang symbol. little boy and his mom coming up.
3:58 am
3:59 am
[ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serus allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems, tell your doctor if you have new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. it helps to have people around you... they say, you're much bigger than this. and you are. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >> good morning,everyone, it's
4:00 am
saturday september 8th. i'm alisyn camerota. fox news alert for you now because there has been arrest in the fast and furious gun running scandal. one of the five suspects wanted in the death of u.s. border agent brian terry is in custody this morning. will he face charges in the u.s.? we'll tell you the latest. >> and it's not exactly how democrats wanted to wrap up their party's convention with another bad jobs report only 96,000 jobs added last month. where is the recovery? plus does this 8-year-old boy look like is he a threat to you? well his high school says is he because he wore a peyton manning number 18 jersey. hearing from that little boy and his mother a little bit later. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. >> good morning, everybody. thanks to so much for joining us early this saturday
4:01 am
morning. great to have you. so yesterday these new jobs numbers came out. and when i will the unemployment rate dropped from 8.3 to 8.1 which of course first blush sounds like good, sounds promising. >> it's like -- wah-wa. >> wow. >> it turns out it wasn't good because only 96,000 jobs were added and 368,000 people stopped looking for work they dropped out of the workforce that's the real number right there 368,000. across all sectors of the economy really only area that saw any kind of uptick was the financial services sector banks and little bit in healthcare. 15,000 in manufacturing is a real shot in the arm. manufacturing was one of those areas where it was a glimmer of hope. it was coming back. now losing 15,000 jobs there. >> worst number that sector saw in a year. and when you look at all of this, we talk about things like the labor participation%. you get lost in that. fewer people working. that number is at a 30 year
4:02 am
low if the labor force hadn't changed since obama took office the unemployment rate would be 11.2%. some people have left the workforce given up saying i'm done. that's the reason this number is trickling down. is it baked into the polls? we haven't seen the polls rise and fall with the jobs numbers. >> one of the issues is that n. a lot of the battleground states ohio and others have had stronger employment numbers than they had for the national average. ohio doing better than some of the national numbers. it's interesting if you look at the way the obama administration trying to spin it this morning. allen krueger the chairman of the chick advisories ha this to say. as the administration stresses every month. monthly employment and unemployment figures can be volatile and employment estimates can be subject to substantial revision. therefore, it's important not to read too much into any one monthly report. you should keep in mind this is 43 months now where this has been above 8 percentage
4:03 am
points in unemployment. >> that response wasn't exactly excepting the way some people thought that it should in terms of the dire situation where there doesn't appear to be taurian around at the moment of the jobs numbers. so, president obama had his own interpretation of why the jobs numbers are so bad. i will just use that word. he says that it is the obstructionism of the republicans. >> if the republicans are serious about being concerned about joblessness, we could create a million new jobs right now. if congress would pass the jobs plan that i sent to them a year ago. jobs for teachers, jobs for construction workers. jobs for folks who have been looking for work for a long time. we can do that. >> saying congress, hey, i handed you this jobs bill a year ago, you still haven't
4:04 am
passed it that didn't sit well with mitt romney number didn't sit well with romney. take a listen. >> every new job created. four people dropped out of workforce. so we're going in the wrong direction. this is a very difficult time for the american people and by the way, wages are also not rising, so, no increase in wages, declining wages actually. declining number of people being able to find work. people dropping out of workforce. it's another continuation of a very bleak news on the employment front. >> we learned those jobs numbers on friday. the president learned them on thursday night. don't know if it was before or after the speech. given the tone of that speech you wonder if he got those numbers before the speech. toned it down. realizing hay, these are not numbers to run out and celebrate. >> right, some supreme speculated lack of the rousing -- >> the direction we are headed in. >> meanwhile, let's get to your headlines a lot more news to tell you about, including a fox news alert right now. there has been a deadly attack
4:05 am
overnight in afghanistan. at least 6 people were killed. five others injured after a bomb detonates near nato harks. the alleged target was a nearby u.s. intelligence facility. the taliban is claiming responsibility for this attack. no word yet on the nationalities of the victims. and another fox news alert for you because an arrest has been made in the death of a u.s. border patrol agent in that bosomed fast and furious gun running operation. mexican police have arrested jesus sanchez mess savment they believe he is one of the five men responsible for the deadly shootout in arizona that killed agent brian terry nearly two years ago. one of the other men is on trial. three others are still at large. it's believed that mesa will be extradited to the u.s. san francisco man leads police on boat chase california coast after allegedly abducting his own two children. police say christopher maysay took 2-year-old son and
4:06 am
3-year-old daughter from the mother's home while she was out filing a restraining order against him. he then stole a sailboat and jetted off with the kids. police tracked down the boat and followed it until he surrendered. the family is very relieved to heart kids were not harmed. >> this is the best, best news. when i get my two grandchildren i'm going to hug them and never let them go. >> the children were checked out by medical crews back on shore and reunited with their mom. >> a teacher is being called a hero are a tackling gunman at a illinois high school. walked into a classroom at normal high school and fired a shot into the sealing. he stepped away from the gun for a second and that's when the teacher tackled him and held him down until police arrived. no one was injured luckily. students were evacuated to a nearby church. police are investigating why the student brought the gun to school. those are your headlines. rick reichmuth in with a check of our weather. chief, i have been trying to
4:07 am
get forecast from rick nine days now. that's a little much you say. >> it's a little much. when you look yawnel line and see a 10-day first alert forecast. they take climate toggle a lot into effect meaning what your averages are. >> right. you are on the psychic hotline. >> oh. >> he was talking with ms. cleato. >> if you find that works. >> call me now. >> tropical storm leslie is going to miss bermuda. bermuda we had big concerns that this is going to be kind of a record-breaking hurricane. this t. is not going to be the case. going to go off to the east. some of the as well as head off to the east coast. try to get one last beach weekend in florida to maine be careful a lot of rip current this weekend. dealing with big storms across the day today east. line of storms continues to pull off towards the east. very severe yesterday. almost 300 reports of severe weather. that is all just moving off towards the east. today probably a worse day
4:08 am
than we saw yesterday to give you an idea of how that is you see these storms back here. they were much worse last night and now during the overnight hours they weaken a little bit. they don't have that heating we get during the day. as the day heats up, this air mass here across the east coast feels very tropical and muggy and summer-like. fall like temperatures behind it that's going to spawn some very severe weather. right here where you see that red is moderate risk. we potentially have good chance to he see tornadoes and wind damage across a very populated area this afternoon, guys? >> thanks so much, rick. >> you bet. >> coming up on the show he was turned down by nasa 12 times before becoming first mexican american astronauts to be launched into space. inspiring story of jose hernandez next. >> solyndra got more than 500 million bucks of your taxpayer dollars then went bankrupt. now a judge wants to clear the way for tax breaks for solyndra supporters. how the government is planning to fight back.
4:09 am
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4:12 am
running for congress as a democrat in california. he is also the author of a new book reaching for the stars. jose hernandez joins us this morning. we did reach out to his owe pony nent nent. current congressman running as independent working to book them on the show in the future. good to see you jose. >> great being here. >> it's a fascinating story. everyone gross up and wants to be an astronaut. nobody grows up wanting to be in congress though. approval ratings in the single digits. maybe around 10%. why do you want to go to cock? >> -- to congress. >> i think it has to do with how i left the valley when i went to become an astronaut. i left in 2004. and conditions were pretty good in the valley. when i came back, in 2010, after i had flown into space, we were at the epicenter of the mortgage foreclosure crisis. the valley in the me dose toe
4:13 am
area unemployment more than twice the national rate, yet, no one was doing anything about it. and so i figured now is the time for me to get involved and do something about it because what scashed me the most is the parents were losing faith that their kids could reach the american dream. >> your hometown is stockton, california, by the way the largest city in the u.s. to file for bankruptcy protection. one of their biggest problems is the money they owe to public emilyee unions, that's their biggest creditor, how does a democrat come in and reach across and say we need to make some tough sacrifices to get this city back on track. >> what needs to be happening is, you know, my platform is on four major issues. it's jobs, jobs, jobs. and education. we need to do things to create jobs to diversify the economy there in the central valley and bring high tech sector jobs from across silicone valley instead of having them exported to china, korea or other countries. >> and the book specifically for the most part stays out of politics. it talks about your story as a
4:14 am
young man spending three months a year in mexico, nine months in california. back and forth different school districts. it talks about the importance of education in a young person's life. >> exactly. it wasn't until my second grade teacher mrs. young came to our house and basically compared us four kids to my father in terms he could understand. look a at your kids as trees. what happens when you continually transplant them? you stunt their growth and the roots never take place. you need to stay in one place. nurture the tree so that the roots get a hold, grow deep and the tree grows big and strong. that's why we ended up making our lives there near stockton. >> the other message that should resonate is one of perseverance. you talked about the fact that you applied to be an astronaut 12 times. why did you not give up? today it seems people give up so easily on dreams and goals.
4:15 am
12 times. why? what kept you going? >> because the career i selected was con session tent with wanting to be an astronaut which is wanting to be an engineer. the decisions i was taking navigating professional career to become better candidate for astronaut was helping my professional career as an engineer. the worst thing that could have happened if i didn't get selected i would have had a heck of a career as an engineer. i was doing the right things for the right reasons and enjoying the journey. that's what i tell the kids most important don't look at final goal. enjoy the your journey along the way. i certainly was. >> you how difficult is it for you seeing hitching a ride russians. nasa program as you came to know it is no longer. how difficult is that for you? >> it's tough to swallow, dave. one of the things that i'm going to make a commitment for is i'm going to be one of the biggest fans of nasa when i'm in congress. i'm going to make sure that the united states invests in
4:16 am
science and technology and stem education. science technology engineering and map. that's what's going to keep this country a top tier nation. >> reaching for the stars. thanks for being here. >> thanks, dave. appreciate it. >> only in 3rd grade but the school says he can't wear peyton machining jersey to -- manning jersey to class because it's a gang symbol. >> disrespecting the stars and stripes and american flag left laying on the ground before an upcoming event for president obama. how did this happen? [ mother ] you can't leave the table
4:17 am
till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8... my feet and exactly where i needed more support. i had tired, achy feet. until i got my number. my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotics number. now i'm a believer. you'll be a believer, too. learn where to find your number at
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4:20 am
time for quick headlines. urgent note for parents thousands of blinds being recalled after toddler dies getting caught in the cords. custom made vertical and horizontal blinds sold in ohio, michigan and indiana between the years 1995 and 2011. the cords are defective because they can create a loop that can lead to strangulation. and add this one to the stupid criminals file. police in new york say this man made off with a can of chips from a gas station and then he came back a few minutes later for a beer. but they say -- peter likes that. >> he locked up the hungry thief inside the store and called 911. police say the 49-year-old is ollie booker and he crass drunk at the time. shocking. guys?
4:21 am
school district says it's a gang sign that's been banned for years. conner vanatta and his mother pam join us now to talk about it good morning, guys. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> as a sign of solidarity here on the couch, my own co-host dave briggs who is in from denver, colorado is wearing the number 18 jersey this morning connor in your honor. you got this jersey from your grandmother. >> yes. >> you are a big peyton manning fan and you wore it to school what did they say to you when you wore it to school. >> my principal told me i couldn't wear it because it was a gang number. >> when you heard this from the school. can't wear the number 18 because of the 18th street gang members have been convicted of intimidation, burglary, organized crime and other things, what did you think that your son was somehow being tied to this? >> i was upset.
4:22 am
i didn't understand why they were punishing an innocent young boy and not letting him wear his hero's jersey. and giving in to the gang. >> what did you do after the school told you this? >> i was thinking that i shouldn't have to it take it off. >> and did you take it off? were you sent home from school? or did you keep it on? >> no. they made me take it off because they had more clothes for you to wear if you spilled something. >> this is a city excited right now for the nfl to kick off. the season to kick off and tomorrow night denver broncos playing the pittsburgh steelers. >> that's right, steelers in denver. >> this is a whole city excited about potentially going to the super bowl this year, pam, can you imagine? this seems like a bit of an outrage for the school to be doing this. >> it is an outrage.
4:23 am
i talked to several people, several polls on several different web sites a lot of people there outraged about it. >> here is the statement from the school and we will get to you respond to, this pam. we are vigilant about keeping gang behavior out of our schools by banning these displays in our schools we have reduced the presence of gang activity, intimidation and recruiting and confrontations. they have banned a number of numbers. number 13, number 14. what do you say to the school statement about that protecting the kids. >> i'm okay with protection of the kids, but i feel that the dress code needs to be consistent. if they are going to ban sports attire or sports jerseys, they need to ban the entire realm of them, not just pick and choose their numbers. >> where did the school leave it? have they caved at all on this or they are still holding strong? no number 18 at that school? >> at this point i haven't heard any changes in mind. the john gates who is the security of district six in his last comment to one of the
4:24 am
newspapers was they weren't planning on changing it. >> connor on sunday in denver will you be wearing that jersey? >> yes. >> sure, but not for upcoming school, i guess until the school maybe changes its policies. connor and pam thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. >> dave wanted to award me with peyton manning. >> you look good in that. >> no, i don't. >> bright orange. >> do you have eagles jersey. >> go bronchos i will be there cheering for them tomorrow night. >> oh, boy. >> coming up on the show. no after school help. and don't even think about asking for college letter of recommendation. wait until you hear the selfish reasons some teachers are refusing to help their students. >> plus, it's bond, james bond ♪ >> how you can become the next
4:25 am
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call the number on your screen. [♪...] >> then when it came to hope and change president obama told the crowd last night you were the change. the crowd said don't blame us, you everywhere supposed to be the change. i didn't do anything. [ applause ] i just voted. why is it my fault? [ laughter ] >> we have a little game here, who cannot laugh the hardest when there is a jay leno funny but clayton always wins. >> not hard for me. >> meanwhile, a controversial ruling by a bankruptcy judge could clear the way for more tax breaks for solyndra to the tune of $23 million.
4:29 am
peter doocy live in washington with more on these details. good morning, peter. >> good morning, clayton. in delaware yesterday a federal judge named mary wall rat said it's okay for creditors to vote on solyndra's bankruptcy plan but there is going to be a lot of heat on solyndra here because their proposed reorganization plan could give two of their main credit tores both venture capitalist, a that drone partners hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks, maybe as much as $341 million. but the program government only stands to recover at most $24 million -- solyndra given even less money. only $3.5 million only 800 employees who sued them because they say the solar energy firm didn't give them enough of a heads up before
4:30 am
they were laid off. that violated both federal and state laws. as for the word on this here in washington, the irs is expected to object to solyndra's repayment proposal because an irs lawyer says it looks like this repayment proposal exists primarily so the firm can avoid paying taxes at a hearing on capitol hill a few weeks ago there was bipartisan criticism of the solyndra loan here. republicans were a lot harcher on the administration than democrats. and the hearing to confirm this plan is in october. it's about five weeks away. you ought to stay tuned to see how hard the government actually fights to get its money back ahead of the venture capitalists who also have a stake in so len draft back to you in new york. >> thanks, peter. >> thanks, peter. if you are just waking up get to your headlines right now because students in california may not be getting any college recommendation letters this year year. the manhattan beach teacher's union refuses to help students with college letters or hold
4:31 am
any extracurricular activities. why? turns out they are he protesting working five years without a raise. reports say a tentative agreement has been reached but teachers must still vote on it. and scary situation after a man with a gun goes into a washington, d.c. church and robs a person inside. take a look at this. the brazen robber is seen on surveillance video following the victim inside. he then stole their money and phone and that's when the church's reverend walked in. >> i was just finishing up and happened to walk out when i found the assault in action. so he pointed the gun at me and i left. i left and called 911. >> thinking luckily no one was hurt. the suspect has not been caught ever wish you could be james bond for a day guys? ♪ ♪ >> well, clayton and dave, now
4:32 am
you can live the life of a spy at least for a day. a company in las vegas is offering couples the secret agent 702 tour. >> so you would be 702? >> area code of vegas. everyone knows that clayton. >> of course. picked up with limo stocked with martinis shaken not stirred. treated to a dave adventure from grand canyon helicopter ride to zip lining to test driving ferraris. >> when do the woman come women come. >> in cost 680,000. very convincing. >> that's just the cover for sitting on the couch watching sports that's really what happened. check in with rick reichmuth for a look at the first alert
4:33 am
forecast. >> lots of weather going on. people coming out of the beaches, clayton, bond girls coming out of the ocean on the east coast. going to have big relationship current because -- rip current because of tropical storm leslie out there. change in temperature from 24 hours ago. see that pool of blue in the central part of the country. cold front that has moved through and dropped temps 23 degrees in kansas city from where you were just 24 hours ago. so this is the front that's moving through and as it does. it's going to bring some big severe weather today across areas of the east coast. mid-atlantic states dealing with. red new england severe weather. could see tornadoes today. definitely see some damaging winds. i think a potential big power outage event people this afternoon need to be watching to the sky very very carefully. all the sporting events going on outside today also going to cause some problems. take a look at some video quickly out of arizona. i want to show you this video
4:34 am
from apache junction, arizona. monsoon storms yesterday went through and in some cases dumped 2 inches to 3 inches of rain very quickly. to some might not seem like a lot. it hits dry ground and funnels in threat canyons and washes get flooding there number of water rescues that had to be done. people should thought drive across the water that is very very deep. little more rain today. go back to the first alert forecast and take a look at your northeast forecast today. thunderstorms total areas by the afternoon and evening. interior sections a little bit earlier in the day but everybody getting in on the action at some point. down to the southeast that front dives alleluia the way into the south. drop temps in oklahoma city to 84 degrees. you are behind the front see the shows down across areas of the northeast. into the modern plains it is going to be a beautiful fall fall like day 63. 71 in fargo.
4:35 am
humidity re very low. out across the west. one more day of warm temperatures into the pacific northwest. 85 in seattle. tomorrow you are drop those by around 15 to 20 degrees. few more thunderstorms down across the southwest. send it back to you inside. >> all right. thanks so much. >> i'm often jealous of our interns because they often get to do sports on their final day here. i rarely get to read sports. >> he always managings to get that dig in every time. >> it's freeman. part of the ailes apprentice program wonderful program here at fox news. she gets to do the news starting with the saints. are you nervous this morning? you look nervous. >> you look beautiful. you have got to do it better than dave. >> i will give it a shot. shocking trend of events bobby gates scandal players suspended for roles in the
4:36 am
play to jury program have been temporarily reinstated. john were had been suspended. panel has lifted the suspension. the panel has ruled that nfl commissioner roger goodell has overstepped his boundaries in suspending four players hearing appeals. saints defensive end along with free agent and cleveland browns linebackers are also free to play for now. commissioner goodell can look to revisit the situation and possibly hand out further penalties. the saints coaching staff suspensions are still in effect. take a look at the newest member of the basketball hall of fame. reggie nirl. last night inducted with 11 other basketball greats. the indiana former pacer was the nba three point leader in three point shooting until broke the record. joins his sister cheryl as only brother sister duo in the hall of fame. donnell son won five titles as
4:37 am
a player in over 1300 games as a coach. talk about finding the fountain of youth, 50-year-old roger clemens made his star for the sugarland skiers. of the rocket went 1 to 3 spars innings and gave up two hits against the long island ducks. just to make it a little more special cobey was behind the plate. he doesn't plan on making a major league come back. >> do you believe that? do you believe is he not going to make a major league come back?ve it. i thought he would. >> very nicely done. >> dave, get out. >> good service by doing that well done. we hope you have enjoyed the apprentice program and we haven't been too mean to you. >> it was a wonderful experience. i enjoyed it and i'm sad to be leaving. >> thanks a lot. keep in touch. >> thank you so much.
4:38 am
>> i think he pitch 's for the astros later this year. they are 43 and 95. atroshts. >> he sells out the stadium. >> hey if billy crystal can come out and play for the yankees at some point then why not? >> then you can punish pitch by the isn't going to hurt anything. if you have have ever seen bun of these stops. the befting of covering president bush. advanced teams days in add vantsz the secret service comes in. get everything set up. put the american flags up. do all sorts of things. this is what happened at the university of iowa. turns out there was a bit of a problem with one of the american flags they decided to lay out on the ground before putting up on a wall. >> and you are never supposed to put the flag on the ground according to the american flag code section 8 it should never ever touch the ground.
4:39 am
it should have respect at all times. it should be flying. not laying there on the ground. so it's still unclear this picture obviously disturbed a lot of people unclear whether or not this was at the hands of university officials or campaign officials who arguably should have known better. >> right. was this authorized to place the flag on the ground? one would think an advance team would have strict orders where they can and can not put the american flag. you might think that sports stadiums do that no. >> they don't have the flag touch the ground, everyone holds it a foot off the ground when they have those large flags on the football field. is this ring the person flag? some say it's workers tries to g.e.d. the code set up. exact bark of the code. no disrespect should be shown to the united states in newark.
4:40 am
should not be dipped to any person or thing. religion mental hers nor -- the flag should never touch anything beneath it such as the ground. the floor, water, or merchandise. >> let us know what you think about this or. if f weekend on twitter. >> university of iowa has taken down the picture off their facebook page. >> somebody snapped it. it's in the student quadier. >> they were proud of it not realizing they had violated a major tenant of the flag code. >> wishing never you every time more promises from the president. >> independent experts safe that my plan would cut our deficit by $4 trillion. >> is everything he said during the dnc speech true? we'll fact check it next. >> then as we see another poor jobs report we will meet a man who voted for president obama and one of the thousands of people who have stopped looking for a job. is he a father of five.
4:41 am
we're going to talk to him next. ♪ [ male announcer ] how can power consumption in china, impact wool exports from new zealand, textile production in spain, and the use of medical technology in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 70% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lier average. t. we price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute.
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4:44 am
>> homeless man taken to panhandling not for money for a job. christopher boyd has been handing out this resume on the streets of los angeles. and 'paid off. he has reportedly gotten a job with a roofing and building supply company recently. too touche. a texas teen runs away from home to meet one a boy she met playing x box games with online. the 13-year-old finally found in nashville, tennessee, some 800 miles from home. cops say she had stolen her brother's car and her mother's debit card. she was spotted by a highway patrol officer. alli. >> thanks so much, dave. our next guest would have to agree with president obama. is he one of the thousands of people who had for a while stopped looking for work. joining us now in mark, currently unemployed. one of the 8.1% of americans who are are. is he a far of five. mark, thanks so much for being here. let's hear a little bit of your back story first.
4:45 am
have you been unemployed for six years and six years, the last job that you had you were one of the -- you ran one of the largest data centers for at&t. >> correct. >> what have these six years of unemployment been like for you? >> terrible. to some -- to sum that up. for a period of time i did stop looking. i have resumed my search. so actually, i don't believe i'm part of that 8.1%. i'm lumped in to the limbo category where those 368,000 were just deposited. >> yeah, because they say those 368,000 have just given up looking but that's -- i don't understand how they can say that. did you ever give up looking? was there a time that you just simply gave up or you have always been looking? >> there was a period where i was exasperated and stopped looking. economic necessity didn't allow me that convenience of not looking. so i have had to resume my search. >> you were on unemployment benefits but those have run out?
4:46 am
>> yes, ma'am. >> what has life been like for six years and what do you tell your five children about this? >> i tell them i'm sorry. high life has been not rosy. i have worked for almost 35 years prior to this experience. in the 90's i even went back to school to receive more microsoft certifications to assist my job search, which was successful because i was hired by at&t. >> but then you lost your job six years ago. >> correct, correct. >> you are back pounding the pavement now and looking for a job. what's that like? >> that's very difficult because of the level i'm at. executive level. the want ads basically read only road scholar triathlon athletes need apply. the employers do know that there is an extensive pool of people out there to fill positions. so they have made their requirements that much more strict. and that much more difficult.
4:47 am
>> correct me if i am wrong, you voted for president obama? >> no. i didn't. >> you did not vote for president obama. >> no i didn't. i am a democrat however. >> you are a democrat. you have voted at times for republicans. at times for democrats. >> correct. correct. >> what did you think when you heard his speech on thursday night at the dnc? >> it was the usual. it didn't surprise me. didn't move me. as a matter of fact, it upset me. because i hear the president say one thing but then i watch him and i watch his actions and they seem to go in a different direction. and that concerns me. >> what do you want to hear politicians say that would help you? >> what i want to hear politicians say is, number one, i would like this country to energy resources. i like mitt romney's position of being energy independent in the next will years because you have to realize the double edge sword. not only does that help us economically but it deprives
4:48 am
opec and countries that are not friends of the united states of vast amounts of income. how does sawed i didn't away arabia survive without receiving 40 billion a year from america? >> that would be a start. mitt romney is talking about that please keep us posted as to your job search. we would like to know. >> okay. thank you. >> what luck you have. >> thank you. >> good luck to you. >> thanks for coming in president making more promises. >> i will use money we are no longer spending on war to pay down debt and putting people back to work rebuilding roads and bridges and schools and runways. >> is everything he said true? we are fact checking it next. then actor chuck norris issued a dire warning for america. he joins us with the details. [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego.
4:49 am
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4:52 am
>> if the president was getting graded on speech at the dnc, fact checkers says he does not deserve a for accuracy. some say he should get an f for some of the false claims he made. katie mcdonald reporter with the national journal. nice to see you this morning, katie. >> nice to be here. >> much has been made about some of the facts coming out of different convention speeches. we have one sound bite we will play for you. we will get to you react and you tell us whether this is fact or fiction. here is president obama. take a listen. >> i will use the money we're no longer spending on war to pay down our debt and put more people back to work rebuilding
4:53 am
roads and bridges and schools and run ways. >> katy, taking more -- war money and using using it to payn other things, false why? >> couple problems with that first of all the wars have been financed with largely borrowed money. 700 to $800 billion in spending never requested and that nobody expects to be spent anyway. wars are winding down. this sort of thing has been used before and discredited. this is actually what paul ryan was talking about this time last year during the debt ceiling debate when he made that speech when he said why don't we just pass a bill saying let's spend $5 trillion to cover the moon with yogurt and then tomorrow we will cancel it and, hey, we saved $5 trillion. so, it's definitely not something that could even pass the house much less -- >> you can't paint the moon with yogurt. i'm going to dispel that notion right now.
4:54 am
many people katie watts, here is what the president said in response to that. >> we can help big factories and small businesses double their exports. if we choose this path, we can create a million new manufacturing jobs in the next four years. >> so the problem with this. [ buzzer ] >> the problem with this one is there are a couple. first of all, he has been promising that for about a year and a half now. he hasn't actually specified, you know, how he would create these jobs. since february 2010, when the economy started turning around there had been about 500,000 manufacturing jobs added to the economy. that's something that obama has been saying on the campaign trail. but even with that increase. we're still operating at a net loss of about 580,000
4:55 am
manufacturing jobs over the course of his tenure. and manufacturing has been in decline for 20 years or so. pretty consistently. unclear how he would turn that around. >> as for future promises there is some potential at least. fact checker said president obama if elected could create 12 million jobs in four years. future promises are hard to fact check. >> economists playing with those numbers. here is another one from the president the other night. shorter one. take a listen whether it's fact or fiction listen. >> independent experts say my plan would cut our deficit by $4 trillion. >> cutting of $4 trillion, you say is. [ buzzer ] >> false. he has been criticized for increasing the deficit by 6 trillion. why is that false? >> so the number takes account the 1 trillion in savings that was already passed into law with the debt ceiling deal last summer. there is another 800 billion or so that's actually just debt interest payments so it's
4:56 am
sort of dubious to claim those as savings when, i don't know, it's kind of double counting in a way. and then another 800 billion is from the phantom war savings. another issue to keep in mind, too. a lot of this has to do with the measuring stick you are using. the cbo when they measured obama's latest budget they found it would increase the budget pretty significantly. in any case 10 years from now under obama's plan, national debt would be 76.5% of g.d.p. and current little it's 74.2%. >> there you go. looking at the numbers from the speeches. it's always fun to jump in and now especially when we have this information at our finger tips we can do. this katy o'donnell from the national journal, thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> still ahead actor chuck norris issuing a dire warning for america. >> country as we know it may be lost forever. >> he joins us with the explanation. >> and we telling you about a georgia school district banning prayers before
4:57 am
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5:01 am
governor mike huckabee weighs in on that straight ahead. >> plus, patients are giving their kids a sleep aid normally used for adults. are may be putting their children's lives in danger. we report, you decide. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> good morning. top of the morning to you. welcome in. >> hey, did you know, clayton, alisyn camerota has never seen the movie rudy, one of the greatest. >> huh? >> one of the greatest movies of all time. perhaps the greatest sports movie ever. >> did you think it was a sports movie. >> i kind of did. >> i can't handle that. >> i knew everybody talked about the movie rudy and inspirational. i did think it was a sports movie. of course i instantly crossed it off my list. >> now you can read it and read a book. finally a book about the story of rudy. one of the most famous players ever at notre dame even though
5:02 am
he played 27 seconds. the real rudy joins us next hour. >> i am excited about it in reading parts of the book it is inspirational. now i realize it's a story that translates to everything. not just sports. well beyond to life. i can't wait to talk to him. >> other movies alisyn has not seen. first, let's talk about the jobs numbers this morning. >> they come out and you have to digest and go through exactly what sectors are hit the hardest. we take a look at what happened yesterday. 8.1%. down 8.3%. that's great. suddenly you start diving in and realizing only 96,000 jobs were added and wow 368,000 people stopped looking for work. that's why the number dropped. >> you want a sports analogy complete a big pass to your receiver get off the couch and then he fumbles. >> someone throws the flag and you realize pass interference. >> your words make no sense to he movement here is what i do
5:03 am
know about the jobs number that even some of the sectors that had looked like they were coming back to life and returning manufacturing, construction, some of the state jobs even those have seen now slippage and that only the financial services industry and the health industry saw a few jobs added. this is not what the president needed to hear. >> right. in particular, you mentioned the manufacturing. the president just talked about creating a million manufacturing jobs and then we get the worse numbers for that sector in about a year. and the amount of americans working at this point a 30-year low. if the workforce stayed what it was when the president took office, we would be looking at unemployment rate north of 11%. >> and one of the big issues is that this is 43 continuous months of unemployment above 8%. and when you look at what the fed may do this week, which is to keep interest rates near zero to infuse the housing markets because what they are seeing is if we don't do something, we could slip back
5:04 am
into a recession by december and that is exactly what mitt romney was talking about yesterday. take a listen. >> >> for every net new job created, about four people dropped out of the workforce, so we're going in the wrong direction. this is a very difficult time for the american people. and by the way, wages are also not rising. so, no uncrease in wages. declining wages, actually. declining number of people being able to find work. people dropping out of the workforce. it's another continuation of a very bleak news on the employment front. >> so if you are the obama administration, how do you play this? and it seemed like the strategy was to down play it it the quote from his chairman of the council of economic advisors, guy named allen krueger. he had this to say as the administration stresses every month, the monthly employment and unemployment figures can be volatile and employment estimates can be subject to substantial revision it is important not to read too much into any monthly report.
5:05 am
>> this is the way they have been playing it. this is how the white house has been playing it. it seems to be working for them. some analysts saying how in the world is he not down 10 points current economic situation. anomaly. is he up in states like ohio and battleground states. gallup poll out this morning shows the president got 3 point bounce from the convention. throw conventional wisdom out on its ear this morning. >> you wonder if now that we are at that 60 day mark, we are inside 60 days people will get locked into all the indicators of the economy. start paying more attention and maybe we would see some rise and fall of the polls. >> historically people have always said they engage right after the convention start of fall. all i can say is where have you been for the last two years because we have been talking about all of this. meanwhile, let's get to your headlines. we have a fox news alert to tell you about right now. there has been a deadly attack overnight in afghanistan. at least six people killed.
5:06 am
five others injured after a bomb detonated near nato headquarters. the alleged target was a nearby u.s. intelligence facility. the taliban is claiming responsibility for this attack. no word on the nationalities of the victims. and another fox news alert for you because a suspect has been arrested in the death of u.s. border patrol agent brian terry. mexican police have taken jesus mesa into custody. they believe he is one of the five men responsible for the deadly shootout in the botched fast and furious gun running operation that took place nearly two years ago in arizona. another man is already on trial. three more remain at large. it is believed mesa will be extradited to the u.s. from mexico. the obama administration officially declaring the haqqani network a terrorist group. the pakistan-based network is responsible for several violent attacks against the u.s. and nato troops in afghanistan. this new designation americans are band from doing business with the haqqani organization. a georgia community taking a stand against a new school
5:07 am
district ban on praying before football games. >> i ask your blessing on everyone here tonight. [in june son the lord's prayer] >> hundreds parade and wore t-shirts in protest. this was their first home game. the school district outlawed prayer before games after atheist group threatened to supporters plan to continue to pray at future games even if the school does not allow it those are your headlines. >> chief meteorologist rick reichmuth in with the check of our weather. about to get nasty here on the east coast. >> going to get nativity i can't understand then cold alisyn right behind it. >> how dare. >> you sorry but it's true. it's about to happen. it's heading in towards middle of september. it feels like fall across the northern plains. not only are those temps lower not humid at all. much drier air mass moving in behind this cold front. you can see where this is
5:08 am
areas across ohio. good news for arkansas and louisiana where it's been a brutally hot week. this is going to drop your temperatures down significantly over the next couple of days by around 20 degrees. but today anywhere in front of that still extremely warm and humid. showers also across parts of the four corners this morning we will see that again this afternoon. like to get that but we have had some flooding unfortunately along with some of those storms. here is where weave have the threat for severe weather today. see this weather across parts of georgia all the way up through maine. this bulls eye of red is a big target where we are going see tornadoes today and certainly some damaging winds. we probably will have a lot of power outages and a lot of population lives in this area. this line of storms will continue to pull through. getting to the coastal areas by around dipper time. so kind of plan that accordingly. behind that, temperatures will cool down. you see still warmer temps here today but cleveland only getting to 69 today. and by tomorrow the cooler air moves all the way in towards parts of the eastern coast.
5:09 am
seattle also by tomorrow 66. today 85. so a big cooldown coming there as well. all right, guys. >> alisyn: as of tomorrow i will be in a turtle neck and a moo moo. >> that's very attractive. can't wait to see that. >> enjoy it. >> rick was laughing at my lack of weather knowledge this weather that we will see today. fly out on monday is it going to effect auto. >> you mean the weather that's happening today will it effect monday? no. >> that's not a rational question? i didn't know that. >> i thought it sounded like a rational question. turns out i was a moron. >> common sense. >> apparently it falls into both categories. >> coming up, adults take it to help them fall asleep. more and more parents are giving melatonin to kids. is it safe? or is it lazy parenting? we will ask governor huckabee about that come up. >> and a dire warning for america coming from actor chuck norris. he is here to explain it next. all energy development comes with some risk,
5:10 am
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5:13 am
our great country is under attack. our country as we mow it may be lost forever as f. we don't change the course our country is headed. >> that's actor chuck norris reminding americans what's at stake this november and urging evangelicals to make it to the polls on election day. was president obama's dnc speech enough to sway voters for four more years? joining us to weigh in is actor chuck norris. great to he so you. >> thank you. >> we were watching your psa and it sounds like a dire warning. what's so bleak. >> the thing is the direction we are going right now. you know, is not a good direction. and that's what our psa is all about. that's what courage is all about. seeing our freedom being taken away piece by piece. and that's what lost ounce of courage is all about. our freedom being lost. >> you are bringing up this movie that got the chuck seal of approval. what is that? >> when i did expendables 2. i'm doing a scene with sly stallone and he says these
5:14 am
chuck norris everywhere. he said we ought to put one in a scene and i said yeah. okay. my wife gina says i have got the perfect one for you so sly and i are doing this scene together and he said i heard you got bit by a cobra i said yeah did i after five days of agonizing pain the cobra died. >> must have been fun like old home week for you. >> it was great to work with all those guys. >> the movie you want to talk about is called the last ounce of courage. tell us more what this is and why you improve it and endorse it so much. >> about a small town mayor who sees that now they are calling christmas wintermas and taking all the things about christmas away. and he says it's time to get that spirit back. and so this is what the whole movie is about is about him trying to bring the spirit of christmas back. >> we know this is near and
5:15 am
deer -- dear to your heart. >> we are taking our freedoms for granted. a couple of years ago my son had mentioned the word god in voice valedictorian speech we would be sued by lone humanist. >> we miss the good ole days. >> we are not losing some endangered species of fish. our freedoms are being taken away from us one by one. >> sounds like that could have been written by you. >> i will tell you marshall tition is an incredible actor. watching that movie, it so inspired me. because i have nothing to do with this movie. i mean, i'm not in it. but the thing that inspired me so much i said look i will help promote this movie because it's something that my psa is all about and what i really believe n our country. >> correct me if i am wrong, you initially supported newt gingrich but now are you supporting mitt romney. >> oh, yeah, yeah. mitt, we need somebody in the white house that has the experience to lead our
5:16 am
country. we have tried it for four years with an inexperienced person and it didn't work. and the promises he made four years ago, of course, he didn't fulfill like taking the lobbyists out and showing all the bills being debated on c-span, all the things that he could have done, he might not have been able to fix our economy, but there is things that he promised that he could have done and that disappointed me extremely. and last night, in his speech, talking about, you know, i had a million jobs in four years and 600,000 jobs here x amount of jobs there but he never told us how he was going to do it it that's what i want to find -- know is how are they going to do. this he never explained that that's why there was no context to his speech. >> chuck norris, always great to have you here. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> coming up, sobering unemployment news for the white house. but mitt romney says he knows how to create jobs. romney's economic advisor joins us next to explain their
5:17 am
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5:20 am
time -- welcome back, it's time for news by the numbers. 85 miles per hour is how fast drivers will be able to drive on a stretch of highway between austin and san antonio, making it the highest speed limit in the country. 50% is how much of a pay cut jay leno has agreed to take to help save his co-workers jobs. peacock network is saying that's a big hit. don't feel too bad about it.
5:21 am
salary $15 million. and finally 109. that's how old this car is making it the oldest known vehicle made by ford motors. it's up for auction and has a presale estimate of up to a half a million dollars. dave, no air bag in that though, i don't think. >> i don't believe so. it looks good for its age though. meanwhile it was news the white house did not want to hear. the unemployment rate did drop to 8.1%. employers added just 96,000 jobs in august mainly because 368,000 people stopped looking for work. mitt romney calling the latest jobs report an economic hangover and his campaign says they can add 12 million jobs over four years. but how? let's ask kevin, an economic advisor for the romney campaign. senior fellow at the american enterprise institute. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. how do you create 12 million jobs over four years? >> well, the way you create the 12 million jobs over four
5:22 am
years is fix america's policies. you can take just about any american policy and look at it and it would be indefensible. two country trays that have a higher tax: everybody else lower rates. that's why everybody is locating the jobs overseas. we have marv deficits. people don't know what's going to happen to the economy. have a tax increase or recession because we get a financial crisis because of the big deficits. governor romney gets out ahead of those things i wrote a paper with a few colleagues available on the mitt rom guess what it's pretty darn easy. >> will tax cuts and spending cuts thereby lowering our deficit, will that coupled together help get the economy booming in terms of our -- >> yeah, it absolutely will. we have got an enormous amount of pent up growth get a new administration in there to fix
5:23 am
the policies. you went through the numbers for the jobs report. when president obama was elected about 63% of americans had a job. right now it's about 58% of americans. that 5% difference is almost exactly 12 million. if governor romney's plan is passed, then what we basically do is get back to where we should have been all along. >> one of the criticisms of romney's plan is that while saying we want to lower overall rates, not answering the question, what deductions and write-offs will reremove. do you have any insight what the romney's plans are in terms of deductions? what would they get rid of it? >> if you go back and look at the 1986 tax. one of the big success for tax policies. governor romney studied it and what happened democratic leaders and republic leaders, ronald reagan bill bradley and dan, they got in a room and they just looked at all the things that were making the tax bales narrow and negotiated which things that they were going to take away
5:24 am
or limit in order to get lower tax rates. they got the marginal tax rate all the way down to 28%. i think that's the process that governor romney wants to pursue. president obama is all about making excuses. you know, oh, gosh, the economy would be great except that the republicans are making it so i can't do anything. if you go back and look successful presidents like ronald reagan and even bill clinton they worked with the guys on the other side. what governor romney doesn't want to do is put lines on the sand tricky political issues he is committed to passing next year. >> romney talked about allot about working with the other side in his speech. the president did not. >> right. >> will mitt romney work with the other side. >> absolutely. governor romney is a berne who gets things done. in washington you cannot get things done if you are demonizing the other side all the time. so, you know, i think that the big mistake though that president obama is making that his team is making is they have decided they can't run on their record. they don't even actually have a plan. talked about my plan. i don't know what his plan is
5:25 am
unless it's the budget he has been trying to pass for the last four years got no votes in congress. run on policies and work with the other guys to pass them. what president obama wants to do is demon nice governor romney. the fact is governor romney is about the most decent normal person in america. running a campaign on spreading disinformation on what a demon he is. it can't possibly work. you can demonize me. with governor romney it doesn't make sense. >> you can demonize me plenty of material there. thank you. >> >> democrats still dealing with the fallout of taking god and jerusalem out of the party's platform before putting it back in. >> all those delegates in favor say aye. >> aye. >> all those delegates opposed say no. >>. no. >> in the opinion of the chair, two thirds have voted in the anirmive, the motion is adopted. and the platform has been amended as shown on the screen.
5:26 am
[boos] >> critics show this proves that dems are the party of extremists. governor mike huckabee here to weigh in on that next. there he is. good morning, governor. one couple apologizing in advance to passengers on board their flight just in case these two cute kids decided to cry. we'll tell you about their proactive approach ahead. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? the carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you don't back down from a challenge. this is the age of knowing how to make things happen. sowhy let erectile dysfunction
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5:29 am
♪ >> last night in his speech, president obama invoked f.d.r. and then he saw the unemployment numbers and invoked w.t.f. [ laughter ] >> that was all right. that was all right.
5:30 am
>> i laugh at jay leno but i am working. >> working on fake laugh. >> yeah. >> finger oh stop oh for fun. see if you don't do this for your headline this morning. >> governor huckabee coming up in two minutes but first. >> let's get to your headlines, shall we? tell you about this story there was a terrifying six hour hostage standoff in denver. two suspects tried to rob a radio shack yesterday morning. when police arrived the suspect fired at them and barricaded themselves inside the store with a hostage. during the standoff police say one of the suspects, 19-year-old terrify i don't know williams was posting pictures on facebook and telling friends he was going to die. relatives of the suspect came to the scene desperately pleading with the man to give up. i'm going to come out because they are shooting at me. come out. you didn't kill anybody so come out. >> taken into custody and a
5:31 am
hostage was rescued. thankfully no one was injured. more tax breaks could be in the works for solyndra. the bankrupt solar panel maker could be getting $20 million in tax breaks. this after a judge ruled that creditors could rule tax breaks. a final decision is expected in october. just weeks before the election. the irs has already said it plans to fight the plan. you may remember the white house granted solyndra half a billion-dollar taxpayer funded green energy loan despite warnings about solyndra's finances. tech lovers rejoice. listen up. unveiling of apple's new iphone 5 appears to be days away. >> on the 129 of september. going to take place at a press event want and apple has been dropping hints. everybody loves to read the tea leaves september 129. casting a shadow down creating a 5. will it be the iphone 5? of course it will. expected to have larger screen and faster processor they wait and hold back a few apps that
5:32 am
they will show off at the event that they haven't released yet. >> different plug, right? that's the game changer for all of us with the car chargers and wall chargers. >> they have adapter. think that plug is like 10 years old. smaller little adapter. >> please do. there is more. most kids don't want to do their homework and well one school at maryland says they don't have to. instead students gateddersburg read a book of their choosing 30 minutes at night. teachers ghifted to sending home busy work that did not relate to what they were doing at school. >> it was just we were giving students something because we felt we had to give them something. >> so far there have been mixed results. reportedly the percentage of third greaters passing a state reading exam has gone down. proficiency in math and reading for fifth graders has gone up. i like it. >> i love it. >> i like it. less homework.
5:33 am
>> take a look at this extreme weather across the country first. in missouri, where at least one person has been hurt after storms tore down trees and power lines in oklahoma. two adults and an infant were killed after their mobile home was destroyed by strong winds. another person killed when their truck flipped over and in arizona, pounding rain causing serious flooding. >> that flooding has led to some daring rescues. take a look at this one though. actually rescue crews throwing a rope to try to get a man off of work trunk. causing rising floodwaters there tried for two hours to leach him. finally able to get at him with a boat. tried with a ladder first. that didn't work. they pulled his car and everything to safety in a life boat. look at that unbelievable. check in with rick reichmuth now. some of that weather about to hit the east coast. >> a lot of that flooding happened across parts of the west where it doesn't rain where you are and you get the flooding. rains way up stream some place miles away and that water comes down the washes and his you so people don't realize
5:34 am
they have got that water coming because they're not actually experiencing any of the rain. i want to talk quickly about the tropics. this here is about tropical storm leslie. we weren't concerned about this storm. a lot of models very large storm. potentially impacting the eastern part of the country. at least bermuda. but now it's not going to happen. it's going to stay well to the east of bermuda, which is good news. and not strengthen that much. so we will have some impacts, mostly in the way of some rip current across the eastern seaboard beaches next three or four days. by tonight the beaches are going to be in problems because of these storms moving through. same system that brought all the severe weather yesterday across oklahoma and missouri today it will be the case again all across the mid-atlantic with a big bulls eye of very severe weather across areas of the northeast. philadelphia, new york city, up towards albany, around hartford, connecticut even across parts of vermont and new hampshire we could be seeing tornadoes and definitely strong winds that are going to make for some power outages. trees down potential whether i this event. watch that one closely. behind it though much colder
5:35 am
air moving in. fall, drier. temps dropping quite a bit. fall like conditions. that first dase of it at least for this system behind there still warm down to the south but not as warm as it has been. tomorrow cool down a few more degrees down towards the south. then the pacific northwest as well. of course phoenix still 101. >> thanks, rick. >> you bet. >> in case you missed it, there was this awkward moment during the democratic national convention when delegates yead and booed god and jerusalem being added back into the platform. take a listen. >> all those delegates in favor say aye. >> aye. >> all those delegates in opposed say no. >> no. >> in the opinion of the opinion -- let me do that again. all of those delegates in favor say aye. >> aye. >> all those delegates opposed say no. >> no.
5:36 am
>> i, um, i -- i guess. >> you have gotta rule and then got to let them do what they're gonna do. i will do that one more time. all those delegates in favor say aye. >> aye. >> all those delegates opposed say no. >> no. >>ed in the opinion of the chair, two thirds have vogted in the affirmative, the motion is adopted, and the platform has been amended as shown on 00 screen. >> alisyn: today everyone is saying aye aye aye. joining us today is the host of fox news channel mike huckabee. i was very interested to read that you were involved in drafting the state party platform. is this normally this
5:37 am
complicated. >> it's complicated but here is the thing. the idea that was some oversight, that's nonsense. there are people who go to these platform meetings and they pars every comma, every apostrophe, every word in that document. >> that's interesting. because i had heard that it was the opposite, that it must have been some low level guy. john boehner came out and said nobody even reads these party platforms. wasn't one guy sitting there one night with an eraser. thought out, well parsed and calculated. >> i have never been a part of anything like that where it wasn't carefully thought through. true there may be people like congressman and others who give a cursory reading they probably don't pay attention to it. but the people who get on that committee typically are people who are just -- i mean they are absolutely eagle eye focused on it because there are certain things want to make sure either get in or get out. even when you see the changes, you get a word document particular pickly with a strike through so you know
5:38 am
what's been taken out. the idea that this just sort of happened. i find that more difficult to believe than i do that the vote actually passed by two thirds. >> well then in broadest context though it was put back. in what does it mean that those two words were taken out. >> it was a total blunder they lost a day of their convention because they got totally distracted. >> what does it mean philosophically about the party. >> it means they are totally out of touch with most of america. their whole convention if you thought about it four hours every night. first three hours were pitched hard left. you would think that listening to it was all a celebration of abortion and contraceptives that was the number one thing that women at home were sitting around thinking about. honey, i sure hope can i get abortion and free contraceptives when i think most women are like most americans anywhere they are concerned about jobs, decent education for their children. a safe park for their kids to play in and hope and future that they will be able to go to school and have a career and a future. >> a the loft speeches maybe made up for the lack of god in the actual party platform
5:39 am
because it seemed like a lot of the speeches at the dnc mentioned faith, mentioned god, mentioned going to church. >> i this i they were playing catch up. this was a blunder that backlashed on them they didn't an at this anticipate such an ur both god and jerusalem. blew up in their face like cota with a cigar disaster. >> some people are claimed it doesn't seem to be turning around. >> i don't know how the president goes out with a straight face and says hey things are getting better. because the numbers just don't lie about this. you know, he can tout the 8.1 but what he he can't ignore is 368,000 people that just said "i'm done, i'm through, i'm quitting, i'm not even looking for work." we have the lowest number of people in the workforce by percentage since 1981 in september. that's dismal. >> and, yet, the president out on the campaign trail blaming republicans for this saying it's obstructionism.
5:40 am
listen to the president. we will get you to respond. >> if the republicans are serious about being concerned about joblessness, we could create a million new jobs right now if congress would pass the jobs plan that i sent to them a year ago. [cheers] >> jobs for teachers, jobs for construction workers, jobs for people who have been looking for work for a long time. we can do that. >> we can do that? >> well, first of all, the federal government doesn't hire teachers. where do teachers get hired? local school boards. education is a local function, not a federal function. it is not the job of the federal government to hire teachers. the other question is do you hire teachers because you want to make jobs or do you hire teachers because you have more kids in the classroom than you had last year. that's a nonsensical kind of approach to job creation. let's make some work and go into more debt to do it. what we need to is create the kind of jobs where people can afford to go into business and people who have businesses can add on extra people. if you are not selling more product and moving more
5:41 am
product and building more product you don't hire more people. it's real simple. this ain't rocket science, this is pretty simple stuff, but the president continues to think that it's something that government has to create some jobs. this number, a million jobs he is going to create? where does he get this stuff. out of the thin blue air. >> hopefully things are getting better, whoever is elected. the governor is sticking around. he is going to add doctor to his title as well. >> i got my stethoscope. >> adults take it to help them fall asleep. now more and more parents are giving melatonin to their kids. is this safe or is it lazy parenting? he is indeed a parent. he will weigh in on that. >> and grandparent, right? >> oh yeah. >> immigration law moving forward. some say it will create more legal hurdles or next guest disagrees. >> remember the movie rudy? odds to get into notre dame to play football. the the real rudy is here.
5:42 am
is he sharing what the movie left out. [chanting rudy] [ mother ] you can't leave the table till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8...
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try the #1 gastroenterologist recommended probiotic. align. align naturally helps maintain digestive balance. ♪ ooh, baby, can i do for you today? ♪ try align today.
5:44 am
>> some parents are giving their kids a sleep aid that could be dangerous to their health. we debated this issue earlier this morning. listen. >> mel tone anyone is a powerful hormone. and i'm a fan of using
5:45 am
melatonin to help kids fall to sleep. the melatonin kids make themselves not the melatonin you use as a supplement. >> how about comforting the kids and teaching them that sometimes it takes self-soothing to get to sleep. >> i gist read a lot of stories. >> and then you fall asleep. >> every time i fall asleep. >> we do that in our house, too. back with parent and grandparents governor mike huckabee. >> would you like to see some photos. >> you have a new grand baby. >> new granddaughter and grandson. >> did you knock your kids out cold with whiskey? how did you do it as a parent. >> that's what we did. i think the great thing the doctor said was this is something you ought to talk to your doctor about. i don't think kids artificially ought to medicate your kids when they have a problem. let kids be kids for heaven's sake. we feel like they have to be perfect and go to sleep on cue.
5:46 am
they are kids, they are not going to do that. >> this resonates with your father's day message about spending quantity of time rather than quality time with your kids. have we gotten lazy where we just think we can squeeze in a certain amount of time with kids nowadays in between and hand them a gadget or this and that to kind of occupy them while we are doing something else. >> there is no such thing as parenthood by appointment. i'm going to have a magic hour between 2:00 and 3:00 this afternoon. it doesn't work like that. kids will have their own schedules of relating to something. the best definition i ever heard was that love is spelled t-i-m-e. if you want to build a relationship with your kid spend time with them. it's not quality it's quantity. that results in quality. >> another story we have been talking about this morning is a couple who is flying on a cross-country flight from california to the east coast. they were afraid that their 14 month old kids on first flight were going to cry and upset the flight.
5:47 am
they filled up goody bags full of candy and a note apologizing in advance in case these kids cried throughout the flight is it a good tactic. >> i thought it was a delightful and gracious thing. i fly several days a week. i don't so much mind babies crying because they are babies. sometimes it's an ear thing. sometimes they are scared, they are fussy. they are babies for heaven's sake. you know what bugs me? i wish people would put a sock in the mouth of people in cell phone 120-decibels and out do the jet engines and wanted to chat the entire flight to a bunch of people during the flight who don't want to hear it let the kids scream shut the adults up. that would be a better thing. >> how does governor huckabee handle unruly adult. can't? >> or do you swat them? >> that's a great idea, alisyn, i think i will try that next time. >> paper. air marshalls excourting me off the flight. >> if you don't stop touching
5:48 am
the back of my seat right now. who is on your show. >> chuck norris will be talking about the last ounce of courage a wonderful movie that comes out. i had a chance to screen it it's just fantastic. the deputy speaker of the israeli -- very timely. he will be talking about what happened this week at the democratic convention. and the extraordinary, delicate situation in israel right now in relationship to iran. >> iran and north korea. now they are sharing labs together and sharing secrets on how to make weapons. >> when those two get together you know there is trouble brewing. watch huckabee tonight on the fox news channel at 8:00 p.m. >> thank you very much. >> some saying move will create more legal hurdles for police officers. next guest disagrees with that. >> bill clinton about to hit the road drumming up support for president obama coming off the heels of his big convention speech. he is headed to florida. does he have a hidden agenda though? we will find out. dick morris at the top of the hour.
5:49 am
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>> welcome back a federal judge upholding controversial show me your papers law this week. some immigrants in the state says the law makes them afraid they will be subjected to racial profiling, listen. >> just because people don't see families being separated doesn't mean it's not an issue. it a big issue. >> a lot of students are graduating from high school and they are trying to drive, trying to go to work and they can't even do that why? because they are going to be scared to even get arrested. >> critics also say ebb -- enforcing law will create more headaches for police officers. next guest disagrees. kris kobach secretary of state. nice to see you this morning. >> my pleasure.
5:53 am
>> you know the criticisms now that most of this law has been struck down controversial portion of course is being upheld that racial profiling will unfold as a result of this. just to clarify one part. only three provisions were struck down. the law has about 10 provisions in it. only a subpart of the law went to the supreme court. but to your question about racial profiling. there is a common misconception out there that this law creates some kind of new procedure. all that this portion of the law does is make mandatory what was once discretionary. it just says previously police officers had the discretion to decide whether they wanted to pick up the phone in their patrol car and call ice to do a status check on a particular person. now it's mandatory if they have reasonable suspicion. and, so, to give you an idea of how much this has already been going on. every year there have been over a million of these status checks by federal, state and local law enforcement officers. it's about 2700 checks a day on average. so if there were going to be
5:54 am
racial profiling it would have been already happening for the past 15 years. it hasn't been happening. that's why this is a very false and hollow argument. >> here is a little bit of information about how 1070 actually protects immigrants as it says officers cannot engage in racial profiling to determine who they stop and ask for papers. a person is to presume to have lawful status if they present a valid arizona driver's license or similar i.d. a person's civil rights cannot be violated. those are the provisions in this. though you know what the left says and some predict that this is already happening. and they are saying that there is no way to really check this. what do you say to that? >> a couple of things as you noted the arizona law expressly prohibits racial profiling. if he would engage in racial profiling he would be breaking the arizona law. i think some of these critics are grasping at straws looking for some argument. really the argument they are making shows they don't trust the police officers. they don't believe that police officers can engage in their
5:55 am
law enforcement activities without racially fro filing. and i think that's a real kind of a horrible argument to make, a disservice to our men and women in blue glad you brought up the police officers. this provision exists. are they stepping into some sort of legal mind field as they wonder how they can actually deal with people they have to pull over they sense the person is doing something illegal if they worrying about if they can actually arrest this person? >> it's a very easy question as to whom they can call. since the mid 90's the federal government has set up the law enforcement support center based in vermont. any officer anywhere in america can pick up the phone and call and get an immediate answer or very quick answer on whether a particular person is legally in the country or illegally in the country. and the courts have already sort of drawn a course through this mind -- mine field.
5:56 am
person has no identification with him whatsoever. maybe is he traveling with a companion who admits that he is an illegal alien. maybe he is acting evasively. when the officer asks him questions. those are things the courts have already acknowledged yes police officers can rely on these things. >> chris to be clear you do not think these officers are entering a legal mine field. >> yes. >> they have standards and navigate this pretty easily. >> exactly. the way to put it it's not a mind field because the courts have charted the route they should take when they try to determine if someone is unlawfully present in the united states. >> great information this morning, chris. we appreciate you joining us. chris cobach the author of the arizona immigration law currently facing this controversy as we discuss it continually here on "fox & friends." chris, thanks so much. >> my pleasure. thank you. >> keep us up to date on that. still to come, a student opens fire inside a crowded classroom. how one teacher's actions saved others from getting hurt. that story at the top of the
5:57 am
hour. first salt, then soda, nanny mayor bloomberg about to strike again. this time bloomberg wants to tell your kids what to wear. hopefully not that. er with -- remember the movie rudy. man overcoming incredible odds to play football. the real life road rudy is here to tell us about inspirational story including things the movie didn't tell you. new book out as well. you don't want to miss rudy coming up. ♪ ♪
5:58 am
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[♪...] >> we have a fox news alert for you because an arrest has been made in the killing of u.s. border patrol agent robert terry. and peter doocy is live with more details. hi, the peter. >> reporter: charged with the murder of former patrol agent brian terry. and one was arrested thursday in mexico according to mexican authorities. they won't say if they think the man they apprehended on thursday, jesus sanchez mesa was the man who actually pulled the trigger on the gun that killed agent terry, but he's still charged with the murder we know from some
6:01 am
documents that became unsealed in july and authorities suspect mr. mesa among a group of mexican criminals who crossed the border into arizona to rob some drug smugglers in 2010, but they were spotted by u.s. border patrol agents who engaged them and in the shootout that followed. agent terry was murdered and the suspects got away at the time, but not with all of their weapons and two of the weapons left behind at the scene of the crime were later traced back to operation fast and furious and united states justice department investigation that was supposed to track guns by letting bad guys buy them in the u.s. and then just walk across the southern border with the gun. but authorities lost track of many of the weapons, congressional investigators here in washington have been trying to figure out who at the doj is responsible for allowing the murderers to get back into mexico with guns purchased here in the states. there's actually going to be another hearing on capitol
6:02 am
hill on tuesday of this week. so, we'll have to see now how the arrest of sanchez made them. and alisyn. >> alisyn: peter, thank you so much for sounding on that breaking news. more to your headlines. the government watch dog group calling for an investigation into claims that two senior f.a.a. officials urged employees to vote for president obama. the cause of action says at a meeting in may, the officials told employees that republicans win the election and the f.a.a. budget would be cut. if democrats took control of congress, the budget would remain the same. and the employees complained the message seemed if they didn't vote for a democrat they would lose their job. f.a.a. says they will cooperate with any review. a san francisco man leads a man on a boat chase, after allegedly abducting his own two children, and they say they took his two-year-old son and three-year-old daughter
6:03 am
from their mother's home. and he then stole a sail boat and jetted off with the kids and until he surrendered and the family is believed to hear the kids were not armed. >> no, this, this is the-- and letting them go-- >> the children were checked out by medical crews back on shore and reunited with their mom. and tackling a gunman at an illinois high school. a student walked into a classroom and fired a shot into the ceiling. and stepped away from the gun for a second and that's when the teacher tackled him and held him down until police arrived. no one was injured. and students were evacuated to a nearby church. police are investigating why the student brought the gun to school. >> bloomberg took away your salt, your soda and now wants your kids to wear uniform.
6:04 am
new york city mayor wants all schools in the city make their students wear uniforms. they proposed this in 2001 and abandoned it. >> rick: you like this idea. >> alisyn: i think for kids a lot of status bestowed on what they're wearing and how expensive. i like levelling the playing field. >> rick: you know that might cost millions of dollars and bankrupt the schools. >> alisyn: and many parents can pay for it, instead of school clothes, they should buy the uniforms. i need to run for mayor as soon as mayor bloomberg retires. >> clayton: let us know how you feel about that,, ff friends on twitter and let's bring in dick gordon, and has a perspective on the clintons and met them a time or two. nice to see you this morning, dick. because i want your perspective. bill clinton after that big speech at the convention heading to florida and ohio in the next week.
6:05 am
are his motives altruistic? or. >> i'm inspired by what alisyn says, she's going to run for mayor. >> alisyn: yes, yes. >> on this program on "fox & friends" monday morning at 6:15, my dog is going to announce his candidacy for president. and ilene and i have run a book, dubs runs for president. a preview he doesn't hire me, he hires mr. carlo rover for his campaign. >> alisyn: now for that. we're similarly qualified. the dog in me. >> rick: carl rover is good. karl rove coming up and the real thing. >> you can ask him about dubs, the candidate. >> rick: back to the dog that is bill clinton, is there
6:06 am
something to clinton going down there and campaigning for the president? >> i think what's motivating president clinton at this point is his desire to establish himself and his family, his wife, as solid democrats, as the reliable pillars of the democratic party, and so, that if-- so that if romney wins and obama loses he's not blamed and if obama wins, the-- his wife could run in 2016. >> alisyn: just one thing about hillary running in 2016. she has said she's not interested in doing that. what makes you think that that's still a possibility. >> every time she says she has an interest in running, she eventually runs. >> rick: . >> rick: so there's a track record. >> clayton: do you think the president and the former
6:07 am
president's ideas are in line. we saw a tale of two-- let me play the end of the sound bite if any of ours viewers didn't hear it. >> the republican argument against the president's reelection was actually pretty simple, pretty snappy, it went something like this. we left him a total mess. he hadn't cleaned it up fast enough so fire him and put it back in. >> he talked about leading from the middle. and president obama. >> right. >> clayton: talked maybe in different terms in his speech. when he's on the campaign trail are the messages in line, dick? >> i think there's a conflict between obama's essentially le leftist message and clinton's centrist message. you see the left wing approach and i was stunned that he did that because just two weeks ago gallup had a poll out that
6:08 am
said which describes your attitude best, government should leave me alone, or government should let me have? and it was 54 leave me alone, 35 let me have. now, leave me alone happily summarizes what the republicans were saying, and lend me a hand, summarizes what obama would say and yet, he charged right into it. from clinton's point of view, i think that that comment he made in his speech saying are we better off than we were four years ago, yes, is absolutely the line that's going to destroy the obama candidacy. already, romney has an ad out the swing states, we he says, this president can ask us to be patient, he can blame someone else, but he can't tell us we're better off than four years ago and i think that that speech by clinton, that message by president clinton is going to be become the fulcrum around
6:09 am
which the entire race balances, are we better off or not than four years ago and romney will win that overwhelmingly. >> a lot of comparisons have been made between the two presidents. if president obama were a clinton democrat wouldn't he have learned from the 2010 mid term and then gone to the center, changed his style of governance? >> yeah, just like bill clinton and i did after the '94 mid terms when he lost ko congress, after that he balanced the budget. when clinton said he did that by arithmetic and that the republican budget tax cuts defied that. clinton knows he's not telling the truth. the arithmetic was an eight-year balanced budget plan that would have balanced the budget by 2003. instead what happened, who added to that a capital gains tax cut, precisely what romney is proposing and because of that, the treasury was flooded
6:10 am
with billions of extra revenue and we balanced the budget in 1997, not 2003, because of tax cuts. >> alisyn: and dick, you know, it's interesting, even paul ryan noted on the campaign trail on friday, the difference between president obama's philosophy and style of leading and what happened the past four years was not bill clinton as democrat. bill clinton gave us welfare reform and worked with republicans to cut spending and get a good budget agreement in place. we don't have a bill clinton democrat, we have someone who went far to the left. now that president clinton in hindsight is so popular and people love his method of bipartisanship, i wonder why president obama isn't taking more of a page from that? >> well, i think because he didn't believe in it. i think because he believes that he was put in the presidency to move this country sharply to the left.
6:11 am
we have, in his defense, puts principles ahead of politics and the problem is it's the wrong president clinton it's not just that it's a bad ideology, it doesn't work. and more he's going to do of it. >> clayton: in the end, the president is the governed the full amount of americans, not just one side, by nature their' moderates. does moderation work. the rise of the tea party wants to cut the government spending and we even saw some moderate republican get thrown out of office. is president obama looking at it and saying i've got to go left, as far as as i can. first of all, obama has moved so far to the left that what used to be the center is now the right, and you have to sort of dial back the trillion dollars of extra spending before you can then get back to the status quo before and
6:12 am
do some compromising. i think it's important to understand that bill clinton was not a moderate. bill clinton combined the best of the left and right. and so, from the right he imposed requirements that obama is now revealing, from the left though he extended day care and tax credits to create jobs and earned income tax credit and food stamps and that stuff so that he made us way to go to work. it was not a question of splitting the difference, it was a question of what i call try angulation, which is taking the best from each party and combining it into a solution that works. interesting, we want to talk to you more about lots of top ex-and dick morris is going to stick around for this, the conventions are now over and president obama and mitt romney are gearing up for the first debate. what's going on behind the scenes this month as they prepare? >> and do you remember this iconic scene from the movie
6:13 am
"rudy"? "rudy"? >> hut! >> alisyn of course does not. most americans do. the real life rudy is here sharing what the movie left out and why this could inspire a whole new generation. ♪ [ mother ] you can't leave the table
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6:16 am
>> welcome back. the political conventions are over and you know, what time that is, it's time for round two when the candidates go head to head. the first debate between mitt romney and president obama scheduled for october 3rd. well, how are the candidates preparing though for their tv faceoffs? >> yeah, we're back with dick morris and i imagine, first of all, dick. the most important going to
6:17 am
mile high, are they going there ahead of time to prepare. >> alisyn: acclimate? >> that would be a good thing to do. and there was one football game a couple of years ago where the jets were playing the broncos, and jets didn't go out to denver until the day before aut that that was a mist, that was a playoff game and the broncos destroyed them in the second half. winded there. >> alisyn: there's a political lesson there. seriously, weeks beforehand, how much time are they dedicated to preparing and what are they doing? >> i don't think they're rehearsing yet. they will. you think the conventions themselves as the preparation for the debate. because both parties were getting their message down. and the democratic message is that the republican party is telling you, you're on your own. and the republican message is to say that we need government to let us alone so that we can
6:18 am
grow. and i want to tell you all a cute story. and once bill clinton came in to me in the oval office, i mean, in the residence, rather, i was waiting for him and he walked in, would you like me to tell you the speech i just gave to florida, radio address, i said no, i'll read it in the paper. he said listen to this, sat me down, the weather you've experienced has been terrible, the hurricanes the fires, the tornados and every part of my being wants to help you. i know how devastating this has been, but i know how you think and i know how you vote. and i know that you think government would mess up you a one-car funeral. so, my friends in florida, my message to you tonight is goodbye and good luck. (laughter) >> and voters rethink that one? and that's the democratic characterization of what the republicans think. >> dave: the characterization, so you know you flipped a
6:19 am
little bit, but when it comes to these debates, specifics, everybody wanted specifics out of the president and out of candidate mitt romney in regard to how they're going to turn the economy around. is that when these two men should be preparing for this debate. have some specifics and what things are going to do to get the economy moving? >> yes, well, i think that romney has done that, i think that's part of the program. it's a very good one and i think he'll amplify that, and as the president's debates unfold. i think the nature thrust, i would expect of the romney campaign, is to say, okay, america, the democratic party has posed this question to you at their convention. are we better off now than we were four years ago? will more change be good enough? and i say no and they say yes, and you should vote accordingly. and i think that president clinton absolutely handed them a gift when he articulated that as the key question in the convention.
6:20 am
>> all right, dick morris, thanks so much for joining us. >> i'll see you you with my dog on monday. >> we'll look forward to that. >> declaration of candidacy, he has an exploratory committee to them. >> i shudder to think what that would involve. >> thank you. >> coming up on the show, flood waters turning to a raging river, and show you the daring rescue coming up. >> and then you saw him overcome incredible odds. and notre dame has played football in the movie rudy. the real life rudy joining us live on the curvy couch, to inspire a whole new generation, i believe next. ♪ ♪ [ man ] excuse me miss. [ gasps ] this fiber one 90 calorie brownie
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6:24 am
>> against all odds, he achieved his dream of getting into notre dame and playing football for the fighting irish. >> ever since i was a kid i wanted to go to school here, and ever since i was a kid everyone said it couldn't be done. my whole life people have told me what i could do and couldn't do. i've always listened to them, believed in what they said. i don't want to do that anymore. >> the crowd cheering his name. the players carrying him off on their shoulders. in just 27 seconds, how long it took for the our next guest to be a huge inspiration for millions. >> daniel rudy rutger is
6:25 am
behind the blockbuster movie and first time opening up in his first memoir "my rudy". >> fun to be here, it's an honor. 1993, the movie came out. >> right. >> why so long between the release of the movie and the release of the book. >> there was no book behind the movie and i pitched it for ten years and we made the movie. a lot of people said is the movie true and a lot about the story that wasn't told. like in the navy, i made an important impact on as far as who i was, and what the important part was, it gave me confidence to move forward. >> you know, dave briggs has been making fun of me because i've not seen the movie, the only person in america who hasn't seen the movie rudy and i do know what mythology and plan to show it to my seven year olds as soon as possible, but what is the message that's stuck with people through the decades?
6:26 am
>> we have to go back to dreaming big and not quitting and don't be afraid to dream and even though we got knocked down, moving forward. >> and i had dinner with ladder 25, the firehouse and i gave the book, and i'm half a block away, and running after me, are you the real rudy? >> i thought you were going to say rudy, udy. >> cooked dinner and right before we started to eat, the alarm went off and went on duty and i got to see them in action. >> dave: i fell in love with this movie and now i'm a parent of three kids and not a more important lesson to teach my children how to persevere, how to not quit than what i'm trying to teach right now. how do you do that, and get across what was so central to who you are? >> i think it's mainly through inspiration and keep giving them inspirational thoughts and stories and let the other people struggle because they t once they identify with someone like rocky, i saw the
6:27 am
movie rocky and inspired me to do rudy and i tried to contact stallone, he couldn't, because he was doing rocky 2, rocky 3, it was fun chasing that, because of that movie, that movie and tales of dreams and the movies kept inspiring me to keep going. >> alisyn: i'm interested and enjoying reading the book and struck by the fact you're one of 14 kids. you write about your parents were busy. was this inspirational movie something they instilled in you. >> core values, i was never taught, you learn through experience and learn through hard times and you learn, you grow up with a little chip on your shoulder and that's what i never want to go back to where i was, so you work hard, not to go back to where you were, but the values you learn through those movements of life, you know, with your parents and the hard times we have. we did have tough times, but not as tough as some people have it. you shared a nugget that
6:28 am
wasn't in the movie about your life. there was one thing in the movie, a central theme where the players handed over the jerseys, that didn't happen. >> that never happened, however, it did happen, does that make sense? it happened a different way, we didn't show how the players respect. a boxer, didn't show that in the movie. the navy. we had to do it in eight seconds, where you earn the respect of the players. let rudy dress and four players went in and made that happen. >> and ask coach. >> players like rudy should be-- >> absolutely and it's a ncaa that year, it was a tough deal. >> alisyn: it's a great book. it's "rudy, my story", telling the whole story. thank you for sharing it with us. >> nice to meet you all. >> dave: not as excited as us, my friend. coming up on the show the republican national convention
6:29 am
has come and gone and mitt romney still has 100 million bucks to spend. how should he best utilize all of that campaign cash? we'll ask the architect karl rove, karl rover in a new dick morris book. >> alisyn: and the mack roones in the prompter there. interesting. put the floor on your wall? home depot is showing us how to make a show stopping acce accent. ♪ [ pilot ] now when you build an aircraft,
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6:33 am
>> all right. take a look at the extreme weather across the country. missouri, one person has been hurt after storms tore down trees and power lines. and two adults were killed after the mobile home was destroyed by strong winds and another person killed when their truck flipped over. and rain causing serious flooding issues. >> dave: that flooding leading to a daring rescue an aftfter an is caught on the roof of his truck. they first tried to reach him with ladder and fell short. the man was pulled to safety after crews reached him in a life boat. >> unbelievable, rick has been tracking the storm for us this morning. how is it looking, rick.
6:34 am
>> rick: it's going to be a big stormy day across the east. it feels like fall a lot. across parts of texas, 67 in dallas and 68 that you see in memphis is a nice break from the heat that we've had, hot and humid. but this is the line of storms not looking all of that severe right now. as the day heats up ahead of this. a tropical air mass, sticky and warm and when the day heats up we'll see them fire again. big showers across louisiana, and then, as we stretch back out to the four corners, we're continuing to see that as well. the threat for severe weather it across that mid atlantic and across much of the northeast and new england and a big bull's eye for severe weather, a moderate red for the storm predictions and elevated and likely see some tornados today and definitely some very strong winds. and maybe 60, 70, 80 mile per hour winds, and power outages. and this is a big deal because it's hitting so many people
6:35 am
that live right across this populated area. behind that though, temperatures are going to cool down quite a bit and we're into the 70's today across the great lakes, and still warm down to the south and not as bad as it's been. and tomorrow, the cooler air, stretches across the eastern seaboard. over to you. >> thanks so much. rick. i want to know about accent walls and how-- no, i don't. first i want to know about your headlines. and then i want to know about accent walls. and let's look at your headlines, more tax breaks could be in the works for solyndra, the bankrupt solar panel after the judge ruled that creditors could vote on the bankruptcy plan that includes the breaks and a final decision in october weeks before the election, the irs has said that it plans to fight the plan and you may remember, that they granted solyndra, half a billion dollar green energy loan despite warnings about solyndra's finances. illinois congressman jesse jackson, jr. back with his
6:36 am
family after being treated for bipolar condition. expected to return after summer re cess. nearly 17 years after o.j. simpson was acquitted of murder. one is still crying foul. darden is claiming that johnnie cochran tampered with the black glove and he noticed addition additional tears inside the glove and thinks he store the lining so that it wouldn't fit. >> and now he may not be getting a college recommendation, and the manhattan's teacher's unions to hold any extracurricular activity and they're protesting working without a raise and a tentative
6:37 am
agreement has been reached and the teachers must vote on it. those are your headlines. >> dave: now. >> alisyn: now, i want to hear about accent walls, please, clayton, i've been waiting. >> clayton: i know, it's been on your brain all morning, i can tell, alisyn, you're right. we're talking about accent walls and dave white were home depot is here and time to move indoors to do something to perk up your home, something i thought you never could do. putting pergo on your walls in your home to spruce up the wall. >> it's similar to the old-fashioned paneling, but it's a really nice modern look, and it's pergo lan iechilaninent. and it's pretty simple, using glue and nails and this is going to be a "unflo
6:38 am
"unfloorgettable" project. i want you to know. >> wa-wa. >> and because they snap together you don't have to worry about it lining up too much. >> if you help me line it up, to where the groove is, what's going to happen now, we're going to tap it up with a block, if you can hold that block up for me. and just be gent wl that, but see how it taps in. >> gentle is my middle name, dave. >> that's what i heard. okay. and now we can press it up against the wall and actually, another little tap to get it there until it's nice and flush, and the reason we marked our studs because we're going to put nails in, this is a pneumatic nailer. >> don't aim that at me! >> this one we rented at home depot, you don't have to buy one for one project, but this helps you to put some pins, brad nails into the back and that's why we want to go into
6:39 am
the stud, and there you go. >> and when you do that, you keep moving along, and again, we put the next piece here and. >> we come over to the big reveal? >> sure, absolutely. let's move over this way. it's really pretty cool. again, this took me just a few minutes to do the bottom of this, look how nice this looks when you're done with it. >> this looks, alisyn now i know you've had this on the brain all morning long. does it look beautiful? >> it does, it's aflooredable. >> how much! i've learned a lot. first of all, i need to mark my studs first of all. i'm going to start doing that. >> clayton: right here. >> alisyn: thanks so much, dave. we love the puns. and here is the jobs number to report. only 45,000 new jobs created. that was back in june. we're not talking about the august jobs numbers and that of course is exactly the news
6:40 am
that president obama didn't need to hear specially he criticized president bush for not creating enough jobs, listen. >> in the past few weeks, president bush and members of his administration traveled the nation to celebrate the recent improved economics. i've been travelling, too, all over this large and diverse state in cities and suburbs, down state and upstate and i've heard from people saying it's way too early to claim victory when it comes to our economy after three dismal years of job loss we all welcome encouraging statistics, but for most americans the health of our economy is measured in a different and personal way. if i lose my job, where will i find one that pays as well and offers real benefits. >> here to react is fox news contributor and former advisor to president bush, karl rove. good to see you.
6:41 am
>> good to see you. >> dave: back in 2004, 310,000 jobs created and unemployment. how does he reconcile that given the circumstances we're facing now? >> well, he can't and the job report was abysmal. and we had 96,000 new jobs created in august, which is well below the level needed, if we were in a good economy, it's less than two-thirds of what we need just to stay even. in a bad economy like we've got. it's well below what we need in order to get the economy growing. the same time we added 96,000 jobs in august, they downgra downgraded june and july. and so we really only picked up roughly 45,000 new jobs in the month of september. we have 368,000 people become so discouraged that they dropped out of looking for work altogether. now, that's what dropped the unemployment rate to 8.1%, but
6:42 am
it means that only about 63.5% of the american people are working. and that's the lowest in 32 years. now, that's a number, but what it means is, to our economy, we want a larger-- we and the as many people working as we possibly can. if people, as many people working as possible, that means there's nor money that they're spending at the stores or purchases saving, able to provide for improvements to their homes and able to send to college. this is the lowest in 32 years. if the labor participation rate was the same as it was under bush, the unemployment rate would be 11.2%, but the difference is, we've got all of these people so discouraged they've dropped out of the work force altogether. remember, we've got 8.1% unemployment. president obama told us on january 9th of 2010-- 2009. that if we passed the stimulus bill, the 830 billion dollar surplus bill that today, the unemployment rate would be 5.6%. and if we did nothing, if we
6:43 am
did not pass this 832 billion dollar stimulus bill that's costing us over a trillion dollars when you add in the interest, if we did nothing, unemployment would be 6% and yet, it's 8.1% fas many people were in the work force as we had back then, it'd be 11.2. one out of every six americans is either out of work, working part-time, but looking for full-time work desperately because they want to put food on the table for their family or so discouraged they've dropped out of the work forges, every six americans. >> despite that, even your column inwall journal, how do the poll numbers. >> wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. i don't think they look decent. he's the incumbent president of the united states and locked in a dead even rate, and they found 30% of americans don't think they know enough about mitt romney to make a decision. >> more on that, karl. you're coming back on the other side of the break. talking about the poll numbers
6:44 am
and what's happening with the president and hit with the young voters in 2008, but more on whether or not the president's fountain of youth in your column is drying up. we'll talk about that with more with karl in a second. karl is fired up. we'll get some coffee for him. what do we do when something that's hard to paint, really wants to be painted? we break out new behr ultra with stain-blocker from the home depot... ...the best selling paint and primer in one that now eliminates stains. so it paints over stained surfaces, scuffed surfaces, just about any surface. what do you say we go where no paint has gone before, and end up some place beautiful. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. behr ultra. now with advanced stain blocking, only at the home depot, and only $31.98 a gallon. to meet the needs of my growing business. but how am i going to fund it? and i have to find a way to manage my cash flow better.
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6:48 am
who wrote a column about this in the wall street journal. let's look at the youthful vote numbers, according to jz analyti analytics, where the candidates stand. through september 3rd. and the president allowed 57%, mitt romney 34%. you had a little bit after different take on this in your piece which you think the millennial votes are slipping awith a from president obama. >> it is, in the poll. 57%, and obama had 66 last time around. his margin in 2008 was 34 points over john mccain, and the poll that you cited was 23. in 2008, 73% of the millen millennials were certain to vote, and his margin, a smaller percentage of the vote and his margin over romney is significantly smaller and also, we're unlikely to see 18% of the electorate to be young voters, millennials,
6:49 am
because their enthusiasm was way down. and these are the kidscollege o and finding it hard to begin their careers and half of college graduates forced to move in back temporarily with their parents because they can't get started. there's an amazing poll out that i showed in my wall street journal piece, 40% are delaying big decisions and a quarter are deciding delaying getting married and over 1/5 are deciding to delay starting a family. because we've got a lousy economy and the president can't do better for them. >> alisyn: and karl, perhaps you have one of your white board, predicting how much money mitt romney is sitting on. the conventions are over and he has 100 million in the war chest to spend. what do you recommend he do with it. >> he's got more than 100 million dollar. august the third month in a
6:50 am
row. 100 million dollar. romney and rnc 180 million cash on hand and obama 160 for cash advantage of romney of 60 million dollars. i think at the end of august we're requesting to find out that rnc and romney have 225 to 230 and i think the cash advantage from 100, 150 million dollar. >> obama has raised more money, but spent is quicker. at the end of april, obama and the dnc had a 96 million dollar cash advantage over romney and the rnc. 61 million dollars at the end of may. 26 million dollars at the end saw, a 62 million dollar disadvantage to the republicans and it was because obama was spending at a much bigger clip. >> dave: man, you've got a lot of white boards. quickly, how do you feel about being a dog in dick morris' book, karl rover. >> karl rover, how would anybody take my name and turn
6:51 am
it into a dog's name? it's beyond me. >> alisyn: it's brilliant. karl rove, thank you. >> for christmas we're getting you a whole stack. running out of room there. >> alisyn: and an eraser, thanks, karl. >> coming up on the show, do you worry about how to pay for your children's college education. don't worry, our next guest says you can do both at the same time. yes, it's possible. stay tuned.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> welcome back. in a recent survey, 81% of parents say they're worried college tuition costs are too pricey. >> clayton: our next guest says it's possible to send your kids to college and retire at the same time. joining us now to talk about it. >> good morning. >> clayton: so let's talk about prioritizing retirement first, the important thing to
6:55 am
do. >> think about the sheer numbers, retirement is maybe 30 years long, college is four and there's no financial aid per se for retirement. there's a lot more flexibility when it comes to college, parents can save in a variety of ways, a tax plan offered at the state level and the gerber college plan, a sort of endowment life insurance policy and pay at the end of it. at the end of maturity. get up to 150,000 and that money can be for college or anything. >> all right, you say involve your kids in financial planning. >> so important. >> when and where do we start? >> i say the first year of rs as opposed to the first year of senior high school, going to an ivy league for $50,000 a year and you can't explain to the person why. it happened to me, i had my heart broken and went to penn state instead and ended up being a great opportunity and the parents coach me, that's the key word, you've got to coach your kids to realize that college planning is a family affair and it's expensive and we want you to go to college,, jr., but talk
6:56 am
about how much it costs and what your alternatives are. maybe you skip a year between high school and college so you can work to build, you know, saving to go to college. >> you say go easy on the loans. >> please. >> what do you mean by that? >> i see, hear too many horror stories of students who graduate with six-figure loans and i'm not talking, 20,000, 30,000, that's a safe area, but $100,000 for a degree in english and that's risky in this economy and what you want to do, when you're considering loans, consider public loans first and federal loans first and then private loans and then also, the rule of thumb is whatever you're going to take out. make sure it's below what the first year anticipated salary would be. >> anticipated $45,000 a year salary, try not to borrow more than 45,000. >> and you say to consider cooper union, college of ozarks, missouri and many others, thank you so much for joining us this morning, great tips. >> my pleasure. >> good luck. >> more "fox & friends" in
6:57 am
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